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Semi-OT: Anybody plays regularly at your local Hard Rock Cafe? How is it on other countries?

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My band got invited to do a residency on our local Hard Rock Cafe (I live in Curitiba, a large city of about 2mi habitants in southern Brazil). We are a 3 piece trio that plays groovy blues-rock in the vein of Lachy Doley, lots of organ (clonewheel), bass/vox and drums. To be honest, the gig landed on our laps, as the Hard Rock Cafe vibe never appealed to us. But it´s going surprinsingly well. Thing is, the obligations are curious: electronic drums (the main thing we thought that would not work, but it´s working), all in ears monitoring, no amps on stage, very strict time on our sets, things like that. Oh, and we got paid about a month and a half after the gigs (crazy). The audience are basically tourists (my city is very touristic) and always a full and receptive house (another surprise to us, as we are very experimental and psychedelic sometimes, in contrast to the top 40 kind of sound that is more common there);


Never liked in ear monitoring, but I´m getting used from that experience LOL;


From that scenario, I would love to know more about the other members´experiences on your local Hard Rock Cafes. Similarities, differences, things you like, things you don´t like, curiosities, as we are starting to navigate that path. Anyone would like to contribute?

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I play corporate gigs at our Hard Rock Hotel a couple times a year. But the San Diego Hard Rock Cafe restaurant has been gone for prob 5-10 years now.


The type of gig you describe is like one you'd get at a casio out here in California.

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