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  1. cover songs or originals? if i were stepping into a cover band i would have no interest in my predecessor's charts, they would be a hindrance and not a help. Likely to be innacurate and who wants to be reading on stage anyway, especially somebody else's notes. better to listen, figure out the song yourself, create your own interpretation of the parts and memorize.
  2. I remember a great Bruce technique article in keyboard magazine that was published on the web with notation and audio examples. I can't find it any more, only some dead links. Anybody have it?
  3. hearing, perception and tolerance of noise is a very personal thing. what might be inaudible for one person may be an unbearable racket for another. i was surprised how loud the fan noise was on a mac studio after all reviewers claimed it was "silent". it also depends on the environment, a fan will sound much more intrusive in a silent sound-treated studio than the same fan would sound in an apartment with open windows next to a highway. interesting move to hide the wall-wart inside the case! again, i'm puzzled if this is a good or bad thing, the main complaint with warts is the flimsy cables and clunkiness so this would be a solution to that. both internal and external psus can fail although i have a feeling that wall warts are more prone to failure.
  4. analog lab is basically all the v collection instruments with a dumbed down user interface. same sounds, minimal editing.
  5. i'm thinking keyboard with v-collection built in. what a tremendous success that would be! can't imagine it being too hard to run their vsts natively on an embedded hardware OS.
  6. NA "2" has a lot of nice enhancements, like filtering content by type, ie. kontakt libraries, expansions, synths, effects etc. and yes, you will need Kontakt 7 for the direct integration features with the controller.
  7. not an expert but I have one, and it was a battle for me too, although mine was a pre-prod prototype unit. these days it should "just work", plug and play the pretty graphics will show up even if you just use Kontakt, you don't need the KK wrapper any more. Use that if you want 3rd party plugins and NKS integration. Give it a try. but you MUST have the latest or very recent Kontakt version, and to get that you MUST have the latest Native Access installed. They released a major new version of NA and that needs to be downloaded and installed manually. good luck!
  8. ...and reads the youtube live chat and talks to viewers at the same time as all his hands and feet are flying!
  9. claudio is a fantastic musician and a hugely respectful and humble guy, there is no way he is going to break anything and unfair to compare him with a 200lb dog. yes, he has adopted an enthusiastic demeanor on his videos which has proved to be incredibly successful. 750k subscribers can't all be wrong. I can think of only one music tech channel that is bigger.
  10. tony monaco without a doubt is the best. his school gives you access to his group class recordings, with two new long videos added every week and literally hundreds of lessons in the archive. lessons cover blues, jazz, pop and funk. you can try it free or for very small amount for 3 days so don't waste time here, what are you waiting for? the Joey lessons are good to, but not as helpful as Tony's format.
  11. i never click on threads with deliberately vague titles.
  12. Indeed, the mousewheel never works great in my experience for plugin control. for some synths the knob moves too much for each wheel increment, and for others it's painfully slow so you have to spin the mousewheel for ages just to get a small parameter change. and the software vendors of the plugins have yet to make that a preference setting. and let's be honest, rolling a mouse wheel is not the same satisfying experience as turning a quality knob. That's how we are used to editing synths, hence my original proposal for the Woody "Hover Knob" .
  13. because pointing, clicking and then dragging the mouse up and dow with wrist is fatiguing, inaccurate and tedious compared with pointing and turning a knob.
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