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Sorry New York residents...

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Winds here in Kansas City are SE at 7 Knotts. :D

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Snow for the Parade!

What a concept.


May none of the Irish wannabes slip on the icy roads after leaving the Blarney Stone tomorrow!


And may all you sun tanned Calirish folks not fall in a gaping hole caused by some catastrophic Earthquake.


And may all of you in between not get blown away to some place with midgets and flying monkeys.


-Well wishes from a soon to be drunken Irish New Yorker

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I'm glad that you're having nice weather, Phil! It makes up for all of the flooding and burning and mudslides that your state has had to endure over the past few months. I imagine that some areas were hit very hard by last month's rain.


Driving is a little tricky here, but after weeks on end of sub-freezing weather, thirty and light snow is not big deal. Winter makes you tough. Sunshine gives you cancer.



The Black Knight always triumphs!


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I don't think I'd enjoy living in an area without dramatic changes in season. I value Spring more after a tough winter, and welcome Autumn after a warm summer. Nice.


Sure, we'll get 6-12" of snow today into tomorrow but the roads will be driveable in the morning. Tonight instead of a 15-20 minute drive home, it took an extra 10 minutes.


Phil: a 15-20 minute morning/evening commute. Think about it.

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Originally posted by shniggens:

We NEVER bitch about precipitation here in Denver anymore.


Sunny days are nice until you can't water your lawn and the forests are burning down.

True story. Same with the Springs. We get even less rain than Denver.
Shut up and play.
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Originally posted by Philip O'Keefe:

Originally posted by Sylver:

Phil, what was your electric bill last month?





Close to $400, if memory serves. :cry:

You know, you may still have the bargin. That sunshine has been looking awfully good the past coupla winters. I just wish we could hack the rent out the. Too damn expensive for all these kids I got. Maybe we'll have to visit some time to just chill in da rays fo' a few days. :cool:
I really don't know what to put here.
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What Phil forgot to mention is that he's in Riverside.... which in just a couple of weeks will be 101 and will stay that way until October.

It's dusty, sandy, hot, and dry... aahhh... Riverside!


On the other hand, it's always a nice 78 here in Palos Verdes with our nice ocean breeze and green trees. Yeah Phil.... trees.... ya know those? They're a bit taller than those tumble weeds blowing around out there in Riverside! Why don't ya come by and I'll show ya? :D:P:P



Valkyrie Sound:




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