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    • Before I respond, I feel like I should apologize to the Forum. I hadn't looked at the news before I'd posted, and might have held off for a decent interval before announcing my new toy, in the midst of tragedy. I'm truly sorry.   @KuruPrionz- Let me just say that if you find yourself contemplating a used GT-series processor, send me a PM. I'll tell you what my experience with them has been, and forward you some useful links.
    • I like the chain of custody thought process.  It could easily lead back to an earlier point in time.   However, the  production aesthetic and sound of Smooth Jazz consists of electrified instruments and R&B beats.  IMO, that chain of custody started in the 1970s.    The heavy dose of of high fructose corn syrup was added in the 1980s providing Smooth Jazz with its Nutrasweet, sugary, er, signature sound.     No need to saddle any decade prior to the 1970s with spilling Domino. 🤣😎
    • Thanks, I got the numbers confused with a different service I checked out. Those figures are per computer (2 x Mac, 2 x Windows), and I have four computers that need backing up, so it would be under $30 a month. Not bad at all.   The biggest problem for me is they don't back up the OS or application files, so it's not like imaging where I can restore my computer in a few minutes in case of hardware failure. Also, I wonder if they consider Kontakt libraries applications, or data. A lot of my data is sample libraries. I assume this means they'd also exclude plug-ins.   I took their speed test, and they estimate it would take a day to back up 250 GB of data. Still, for backing up articles, books, etc. it might be worth doing. I currently have 2 TB of OneDrive storage, and that handles my important data for now. My ideal solution would back up every aspect of the computer, so in case of catastrophic failure, I could just restore and be back in business in under an hour. 
    • I saw Charles Earland at the Green Mill in Chicago, late 1996.  He was part of a 'Battle of the B's' evening, sharing the bill with Chicago legend Chris Foreman.  What a night!  There were at least three Leslies on stage, and the wash of amazing sounds in the space was a thing of beauty.
    • There are lots of boards today that can do plenty of zoning. But it's not the most sensible thing for every board, or every player.  16 zones doesn't really make sense for, say, a board that plays only 1 or 2 sounds at a time; and the relative complexity of a 16-zone board (which is going to mean a board with a lot of menu navigation and assignable controls) is not something every player wants. Just like in 1996, when you could similarly get 16-zone boards like the QS and also boards that were not designed to do that. It's nothing shocking, or even new. If you want a 16-zone board today, get a Korg Nautilus/Krome/Kross, a Roland Juno DS/Fantom/Fantom-0, a Kurzweil K2700/PC4, or Yamaha MOXF (and arguably Montage/MODX though only 8 of the 16 zones are simultaneously playable directly from the keyboard).    The way I see it, some boards are like sports cars, some are like cargo vans. The cargo vans are a lot more versatile, but if the sports car can do what you need, it can be more fun. But if you choose the sports car, you don't complain when it doesn't seat 7 or have room to haul your PA. ;-)
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