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    • I bought Ableton Live vs. 1 after a recommendation from the person that runs the keyboard department at my favorite music store. Some years earlier I bought Cakewalk vs. 1 from the same person. Same with Reason. But all upgrades were done direct. All add-ons done direct. The store is no longer in operation and I have not made a major purchase of music software from a store in who knows how long. I used Sweetwater for upgrades on software a couple times, but it is easier to order direct. My next software purchase will probably be Arturia V Collection 9. Waiting for a black Friday sale. Will see who has the best price. 
    • Ask Amy!   https://www.washingtonpost.com/advice/2022/09/30/ask-amy-band-retire-gig/   Apologies if anyone can't access this, the Washington Post is a paper I subscribe to; most will let non-subscribers read a few articles for free. I got a chuckle out of Adam Felber's response (quoted by Amy in her answer).
    • Until you get the pair setup, have you tried using just the Right output on them both (the non-summed output).  Rather than having the p515 compete with the Nord’s mono summing algorithm. 
    • A WORLD of difference hearing it with the JMK and speakers as opposed to phones. White and Royal Grand have a much greater sense of space and detail and don't sound as closed in and compressed. Still there's that attack and release thing for single note lines.
    • I ordered a black S-7000 from Kraft today.  They had a shipment arrive recently and all but 3 were gone.   I did an unbundled deal and I’m paying $2473 after tax.  
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    • Firmware update.  New pianos.      
    • Roland just dropped new firmware     So this review will eventually have to be updated as well.     I'm still actively using my MC-707, with the intention of transferring the song to the MC-101 for playing out.   So I will update the MC-707 soon - probably this coming weekend - and take notes of my first impressions as I go along.   I don't want to do y'all wrong by posting a so-called "review" of the update based only on reading PDF documents and not working on the actual machine first.
    • I see where you're going, though my interpretation would have been that it is merely the fact that they are sampled in stereo that they're using to justify the rest of that puffery verbiage.   Yes. I'm making this up, but my theory is that calling stereo sounds "Live!" came from their arranger division, whereas the synth division also used stereo samples for some sounds, but did not use that terminology. The closest hybridization of the lines' terminology might have been, for example, the arrangers' "Sweet!" flute which, in a Motif-Montage series board has simply been named Sweet Flute... my guess is that the one product design division borrowed that sound from the other, but is still not fully embracing that line's nomenclature for Sweet! Live! Cool! etc. My guess is that every stereo sound in a PSR arranger is called Live!, while the Motif/Montage also have plenty of stereo sounds but with no special marketing word for them. Or did you find stereo piano and string sounds in the PSR/arranger line that were not listed as "Live!"?   Okay, you've totally got me on that one!
    • Hi AS:   Yes, the manual lists stereo first, but it's the 2nd sentence that gives the clue to what I wrote, which came from my research and earlier reviews of both the Tyros and Genos back when there was this cool magazine... you know.   From the Genos manual: "These acoustic instrument sounds were sampled in stereo, to produce a truly authentic, rich sound—full of atmosphere and ambience."   Their descriptions are vague to the point of obtuse. Pianos and strings etc. which are clearly sampled in stereo are never listed as Live. All the FM Eps are called Cool, but why? And so on...    
    • Based on what I've seen in Yamaha manuals, Live voices are the ones sampled in stereo, Cool voices are for electric source instruments, and yes it's vague, but the impression I get is that, for example, rather than sampling a "clean" rhodes, les paul, whatever and then using EQ and effects to simulate many of their typical sounds, they are sampled with their native "non-claen" variations (sampling their tone as played through a typical tube amp of the era, with their "real" overdrive, that kind of thing)    
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