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How do I find out if an update is available?


See the "Current Book Versions" sticky.


How do I obtain an update?


To download a “point” update, use the same code you used to download the book when you purchased it. Simply download it again, because what’s on sale from Sweetwater is always the current version. If you no longer have the code, it’s available in your Sweetwater Account under Account History.


How often are books updated?


There is no regular schedule. Some titles didn’t get an update for over a year, some were updated within a few months. It all depends on how fast the technology changes.


What’s the difference between a “point” update and a new edition?


A “point” update (like software going from v1.0 to v1.1) adds new information, enhances the content, checks that links remain correct, fixes known typos, and takes into account reader feedback. A new edition represents a significant change—it’s like when software goes from version 1.x to version 2.0. New editions are available at a reduced price to owners of a book’s previous edition.


Where can I give suggestions for future updates? What if I have questions, or there’s something in the book I don’t understand?


You're in the right place! This dedicated discussion forum for Sweetwater Publishing books is available for all general discussions. I take feedback seriously because it's invaluable, and will always try my best to respond. Several updates in the books are a direct result of outstanding reader feedback.

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