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  1. I have V-Collection 9 on my PC. I use it a lot, but I also have Komplete 11, Spectrasonics VIs, etc. So I'm already invested in the V-Collection. I would love to see a 73/76 or 88 note version, but why not add 9 sliders (for drawbar control and synth controls), either a larger display or connection to an iPad or small monitor. Also can't understand why they wouldn't put a touch strip above the keyboard and poly-aftertouch. Considering the fact the they make a CS-80 VI, I would think that would have been a no-brainer (but what do I know). Looking over all the videos now, but I'm seeing things that appeal to me like the iPad integration and even an iPad app for auditioning/adding sounds. You know people with Pigment libraries are gonna jump all over this. I purchased a Hydrasynth Deluxe about a year ago and it acts as a great CS-80 controller. I use it with Arturia's and Cherry Audio's CS-80 - plus the added benefit of being a Hydrasynth! That board still amazes me. I also have a KeyLab 61 Mk1, a KeyLab 88 Essential and am thinking I may just keep using what I've got until they up the ante! I plan a pilgrimage to Sweetwater next month to check it out! As normal, anything EscapeRocks says he's gonna get I usually do too, he just does a great job dialing in rigs for different jobs!
  2. Last series we binged was Lost in Space. Very Enjoyable and well done. Series we have really enjoyed have been 1883, Hell on Wheels, Scorpion, NCIS recently. Yellowstone is probably next.
  3. I've been a Cloud Pro subscriber for a couple of years now. I realize it's twice the yearly price, but their are enough perks (including Galaxius) that I may pull the trigger on the first of the month. I've also got the Korg Legacy Collection and it would be cool to see them make a similar product for their VSTs. I also have V Collection 9 so I've got Analog Lab (but it only does 2 layers), this one does 4. In Omnisphere, you can up to 8 layers in a Multi and that's awesome. Also looking at it like this. I spend "at least" $200 a year on VSTs as it is. Still sounds like a good deal to me. Plus getting the 2 Lifetime Licenses just sweetens the pot. YMMV.
  4. I haven't played with my OB-E in a while but I seem to remember a focus button or zoom view where you can direct the focus to a larger view of just the area you want to focus on. And then again, I could be delusional.
  5. cassdad: They are made by Starkey Hearing Technologies in Eden Prairie, MN - the other numbers on the bottom of my charging case are: REF 720 and CAN ICES-3(B)/NMB-3(B) and 5V -- 400mA. Hope that helps!
  6. Is that an Alesis MultiPad Pro? I just picked one up recently and have a kick pedal and hi-hat pedal working with it. And wouldn't you know it, no sooner than I received the Alesis, a local drum instructor nearby was selling a Roland TD-9 kit for next to nothing. Now I have both set up beside each other. I also recently acquired a Roland Jupiter-Xm (which is battery powered AND has built in speakers). I am planning on christening it on my next camping trip!
  7. Been wearing hearing aids for many years now. I'm a veteran and have VA Healthcare and they pay 100% of the cost. Therefore I cannot comment on the prices of hearing aids these days. I generally have an audiology appointment once a year to see if my hearing has changed. I also have tinnitus as well. I used to wear the "in-ear" hearing aids but found when I was active and sweaty, they would shut down, and sometimes even come out of my ears. Now I use the "over-the-ear" model which works better for me yet gets in the way of my glasses over my ear as well. The first difference I noticed was I could hear the crickets chirp and the cicadid's making their noises. It hadn't occured to me that I hadn't heard those noises since I was a kid. But yes, conversations are much easier - however, I sometimes talk too softly to compensate for hearing my own voice louder. As far as recording, mixing, or practicing goes, I hear things much better and wearing headphones doesn't bother me. No feedback or digital noise. Mine have an app on my phone that allows me to adjust the EQ if I want. I can set different curves for different situations and store them as presets. I realize how lucky I am to be a vet and not have having to purchase these or have insurance that covers them, but I agree wholeheartedly that one should get checked out by a certified audiologist before doing anything. I've listened to a great deal of advice form most of you on this forum about how you shouldn't go cheap on monitors, keyboards, cases, stands, and so on. I feel like you should apply the same logic to hearing aids. This is your hearing we're talking about here! I also have a set of Air Pod Pros. I use them specifically for the noise cancelling feature when I fly (or my wife is snoring...). They work very well and music sounds great on them, but I would not trust them for most hearing problems. Maybe the mild to moderate loss users would benefit but I would still talk to an audiologist! On a side note, back in the days of Ensoniq, I went to Ensoniq school with Roy Elkins and Jack Hotop and seem to remember that Ensoniq was working on a set of hearing aids that could be loaded with different curves (kind of like impulse responses). So if you wanted your ears to hear what Quincy Jones hears, you could. Herbie Hancock, Michael Jackson, Tom Scholtz, etc. as well as certain producers, engineers, and so on. What a concept! After Creative bought them up I guess that idea fell by the wayside along with a great line a keyboards and the wonderful people that made them.
  8. I got my Hydrasynth Deluxe mainly as a controller for GX80, but fell in love with it the minute I turned it on. It's a visceral connection that makes it feel like a real instrument that you have all this control over and is very liberating. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Robert, you might want to step up to at least the 49-key to get that ribbon as well. lol The only other controller I have that comes close is my Rise 49. I love it too, but it's difficult to adjust your playing to it. I haven't given up yet, but need to log a few more hours on it to see if I can improve my tactical haptics with it.
  9. I'm the one he sold the Karma too. I sold it a few years later to an excited young kid when the M3 came out. Picked up the M3-73 (agree with the assessment of it being one of the best actions ever). But then I saw the Kronos and had to have one. My M3 sat in its box for several years while we were moving around. When I finally botted her back up again, I had the same touch-screen issue that many had. Ordered a replacement, rolled up my sleeves, and did it myself. I was a keyboard department manager at a Mom & Pop Music Store many years before so had lots of experience swapping boards and repair work. Alas, the M3 had to go to fund a live rig with a MODX7. I also agree that the Karma changed from the Karma Keyboard to the M3 to the Kronos. I fell in love with it with the Karma, bought the Karma Software with the M3 and loved what Karma could do on that platform. By the time it reached the Kronos it felt a bit more watered-down to me. Still happy with my Kronos, but I'd still consider an original Karma and maybe a M3 module. Don't really have the real estate for another board at the moment. On my M3-73 I had the RADIAS board installed plus expanded the memory. So I can blame my addiction on Robert ... I seriously appreciate that that Maroon Monster was in such great shape! Thanks RABid!
  10. It's gonna be a very Merry Christmas around my house this year: ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe Arturia V Collection 9 upgrade u-He Zebra Legacy Cherry Audio Stacks 3 (to grab GX-80 + all I didn't already have) Upgraded Korg Collection to most recent version Cinescape I should be quite busy this coming year! Happy Holidays Everyone!
  11. I was able to get a Hydrasynth Deluxe last week (thanks to my AMAZING wife - early Xmas), and all I can say is "F*ckn' Wow!" As Steve noted. It is almost the perfect fit and companion to the GX-80 (albeit rather pricey as just a controller). Good thing I already had it on my wish list. It is also an incredible synth in itself! I am about to turn 64 and was able to play the CS-80 at Gary Leuenberger's in San Francisco way back in early 1980. They also has a Prophet 5 and the DX1 and GS1 which were also out of my budget that I longed for (or lusted after). I later bought a used CS60 while stationed in Hawaii and loved it to death. I'd like to say I hated to get rid of it, but the singer in the band I was playing in when I left Hawaii made sure he ghosted me before I left and almost all my gear at the time was in his practice studio. Anyway, sad story I know, but hopefully Karma will/has come around for him. Back on topic. I have not tried setting up any MIDI learn for the controls on the HS yet, but should I run out - I've also got an Arturia KeyLab with a ton of buttons and sliders. I'll be delving into getting the HS to control the GX80 more in the next few days. But if what I've seen so far is any indicator (other than the MIDI programs changes not working), I am SOOOO impressed. with both the GX-80 AND the Hydrasynth Deluxe! Glen Darcey and his crew have done an amazing job on the synth itself, but also created a controller for the GX-80 that is as close to having the tactile "feel" of sitting in front of one. More to follow in a few days (if, like all the reviewers here seem to mention) once you start you don't end up losing hours just playing the damn thing!
  12. I was in a studio doing some recording and the engineer (also a guitar player) turned me on to the Harley Benton guitar line from Thomann. I picked up a Les Paul copy, Strat copy, and a Tele copy all for around $500. They arrived to the East Coast in 3-4 days, and the set ups were surprisingly good for the price point.
  13. "Well, I wanted to reach intelligent people" Craig, you sure came to the right place ... lol We're musicians, gear heads, have GAS, and most of us (I feel certain) have been married multiple times. Great in theory though! Thanks for the sub-forum. I think it's a lovely idea!
  14. I just retired, and play way to much. If I spent as much time practicing as gaming, I'd be way better than I am. My wife and I both old gamers. We've got and Xbox Series X, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, a Steam library with over 400 games, we just got Steam Decks about a month ago. We also both have Oculus VR headsets. I love MSFS 2020 but agree it has growing pains. I bought a Turtle Beach Velocity One Flight controller for use on the Xbox and the PC. We both have Alienware laptops that graphically kick major ass. I also have a set of racing wheels/pedals/shifter for playing the driving and racing games. When we got our Xbox we also signed up for 3 years of Xbox All Access for the Xbox and PC. Too many games and haven't finished hardly any of them. Also played WoW and the original Guild Wars, love FPSs (but hate getting my ass handed to me by a 12 year old too). And to Dr. Mike, I met my wife in Second Life. I was playing music and she was doing genealogy lecturing. Spend loads of time in there. I've got a 13 year old and her mother that are staying with us at the moment and they say we're the coolest old people they know with the neatest toys!
  15. He's got a ton of videos on YouTube. He's done a few review videos of synths as well. Killer funk chops (and left hand)!
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