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It's a classic for a reason

Steve Nathan

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So I meet this kid the other day. New in town (Nashville), from California, plays piano/keys and I'm checking out his youtube vids. Clearly has some skills, but his take on Moanin' made me wanna hear it like I remembered it, and I ran across this live version. Shows once again, "If it ain't got that..........

Enjoy :cool:



Don't rush me. I'm playing as slowly as I can!




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I have a story about that


There was a guy I knew in L.A. when I was there. Actually, he was musical director for the Pointer Sisters at that time.


What he really wanted was a major name jazz gig, presumably to boost his career status.


So anyway.... he was complaining to me about the fact that Art Blakey would not hire him.He thought it might be a racial issue.


I knew this guy's playing fairly well and I KNEW he did not have the ability to swing as demonstrated in the above video. He was a real chops guy.... fast licks, that sort of thing.


So I asked him.... who were the important players who recorded with the Messengers ( such as Horace Silver, Ray Bryant, Bobby Timmons, Cedar Walton and even Keith Jarrett).


I don't think he knew any of them.


That Messengers gig was very much based on tradition.


So anyway that is Bobby Timmons in the above video clip. He was very young at the time, probably about 22. He died WAY too young, a victim of the jazz drug culture of the early 60's.

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