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  1. I once used an empty L as a stand for a Yamaha SY77... It's wide enough to accomodate big 61-key boards. A shell for clonewheel organs (1 or 2 manuals) is a neat idea. Give it out for free on Kijiji or something.
  2. Sincere condolences to you, your family and friends.
  3. It'll come down to what a given user has in mind to play... If Mr. Firechild wanted it to sound like that, then that's what he did with it... Same for the other demo above. Don't worry... It's an OB-Xa
  4. Most Yamaha products post-DX7 have always been super efficient. I still use a QX5
  5. Love Yamahas.. their look, nomenclature, implementations... They rarely released a product haphazardly. They offered quality alternatives to industry standards and even set some of their own.
  6. it's shockingly fat Could indeed be something like a Oberheim Four Voice.
  7. Laurie Spiegel had one... Also, you can briefly see (and hear?) a McLevier in this movie.
  8. I like his enthusiasm... his synth museum video was great
  9. Some people feed on negative reactions... he sensed you were angered and possibly bitter by his intervention that a month later he still persued you. It can only be resolved when you stand up in the face of it. And you can still do it by being polite.. firm, but polite It should have been nipped in the bud at the moment he started playing your keyboard for 5m.
  10. Had the chance to buy a JX8P in the late 90s from a friend's father. I remember being surprised by how larger the casing was compared to other Junos and the 3P. Even the D-50 is more streamlined.
  11. I quite liked it too... I heard that record some 20 years ago, along with David Borden and Mother Mallard.
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