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Beatles In My Life Harpsichord Solo - HELP!!!


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Perhaps someone in this group can help me out of a bind. Yesterday I got asked to perform for an old business associate's memorial service being held Saturday. The guy in charge sent me 8 tunes just this morning.One of them is In My Life.

Sure, I've got Amazing Slow Downer and have the ability to get it under my fingers, but some of the other tunes(U2) are demanding a lot of my time as well.


So, does anyone happen to have that harpsichord solo transcribed somewhere in their musical library that would be so kind and provide me with it?


Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


So does anybody happen to have the harpsichord solo transcribed somewhere in their music library?

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I hate it when i'm asked to play a piece that wasn't actually recorded in a normal physical way. If a human couldn't play it then, don't expect a human to play it now.

In this case, it isn't difficult to play at actual speed.


To the OP, try this:



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Interesting bit of trivia...


That "harpsichord" solo was actually played slowly on a piano, then it was sped up to make it faster and it ended up sounding like a harpsichord.


by George Martin if I recall correctly.

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BernMeister, that transcription is really nice! To the OP, if time is limited in getting it down, for most gigs including ones like the one you have coming up, I'd say you can definitely get away with just learning and playing the right-hand part and maybe a much simplified version of the left hand, like maybe quarter-notes of whichever left hand notes fall on the "1" and "3" of each measure.

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