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OT: Get well soon, JpScoey!


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Get well soon, John.


The consultants can be very wrong sometimes. The kid that I mentor's mom was told he probably wouldn't live past 7 years old. I recently went to his 18th birthday party.


Make sure that you DO bring it back up in 5 years so we can all celebrate with you.



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Feel well, then better soon. Screw the experts, take the advice thats helpful (positive lifestyle changes) and move on. 10 years from now you can send him some black roses!


Hang in there brother!


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Best to you JP - the "experts" gave me a 100% chance of dying in my mid 30's from double pneumonia. I'm currently 70.


My prayers go out for you in this time - just as others did for me 35 years ago.


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A friend of mine, who was a dancer at the time, was diagnosed with a serious heart malfunction. She was told that she had to stop dancing immediately, follow an extremely strict regime, and according to the docs, her life expectancy had to be considered very short. That was 25 years ago and, well, they were wrong. She kept dancing for 10 more years, lived normally, had two children, and is now a teacher, happy and healthy.


Don't take doctors's words as the bible. Rather, get informed, do everyting in your power to fight it, and yes, stop taking anything hazardous. And don't forget to report back here periodically!


I wish you all the strenght and luck you need.



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May you fully recover and continue to live a long and happy life John. 10 years ago, I was given 2 weeks when diagnosed with acute leukemia. I'm still kicking, keeping fit and feeling great. The stats Docs use are just that, since they use them as a guideline for the rest of the affected population. Our attitude and willingness to live, when faced with adversity, play a huge part in how one deals with it. Definitely read up a bit on your condition, and know that there are many others in this world who have been there before :) .

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+1 to all that's been said above, John. When I was struck down by cancer, and didn't know what the hell was going to happen, I developed a personal mantra, which I would repeat in stressful situations. It was "NDY" - not dead yet. Feel free to take a loan of that one or better still, find your own. Hold on in there, take time to get your head straight and then come out fighting. You have tons of people behind you.

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11 years ago in the middle of thyroid induced heart failure, they gave me about a week. Great doctors, (one of them a guitarist I now work with from time to time) and even better friends enabled a complete recovery. I learned then, if you are upright it's alright. Stay strong and have faith. There are new discoveries every single day. Get well soon.
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