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Legendary Gospel Players and albums


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As the subject says I'm looking for some legendary gospel pianos players and albums I can get into. I'm looking to add more of that sound to a group I'm with. I'm a more traditional jazz guy and just don't have any knowledge of this genre.


Any other resources would be good to. I found a website a while ago describing the "walk on up" progression, but cannot find it now. You Tube stuff is really basic ("This is how you form an Eb chord, etc.).


Thanks for any info.

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Gospel Music Comes in various styles even at the "traditional" level.


When I think of traditional old school black gospel music. I would recommend Searching Youtube for the following:


Rev James Cleveland

Walter Hawkins

Jeffrey Lavalley

Richard Smallwood

DR Mattie Moss Clark


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Well, I love Gospel and Gospel influenced music - Im just not up to speed on who the great players and albums are. But I did get to check out Sundra Manning live at the NAMM show jamming on the New NORD Como Orgam C2 - She is a monster organ player and it got me inspired to go practice some more Gospel changes and licks.


I love Jazz organ Like Jimmy Smith and Joey DeFrancesco - but Gospel is whole different world to conquer.



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IMO, legendary Gospel players begin and end with Thomas A. Whitfield. Anything with his name on it will suffice. :thu::cool:


I second that motion!!!!! :thu: :thu:

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Cyrus Chestnut plays some beautiful religious pieces on a traditional solo acoustic piano on his album "Blessed Quietness: A Collection of Hymns, Spirituals and Carols". A piano player friend of mine and I used his version of "Amazing Grace" as the basis for our sax-piano duet version we played in church as the anthem one Sunday. (sax is my main instrument, not piano).
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