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Product Placement on The Sopranos - sort of


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Most of you who watch The Sopranos on HBO have probably noticed that they are often rather obvious with placing products in the show. I just recently read an article where the producers said they never take money for product placement...that the products are used as part of the storyline.


Fine and dandy...


But tonights episode had a wedding band in it...and the keyboard player was playing an "ORG riton". I rewound and confirmed it. They claim to not take product placement dollars...but went out of their way to make sure that Korg didn't get an obvious plug.


Very interesting.

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Lol, awesome. I don't know how much product placement actually works, but I think if anyone really did care, they could figgure out what it was.



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who watches the sopranos any way.


mate the only thing worth watching is the MYTH BUSTERS and they actually fog out the Logos on everything from buckets to T shirts.


I originally thought they were doing it for the privacy of such companies but I think maybe you are right and they are seeking endorsements.Man how can my heroes stoop so low.

Busta do something about it.


or were they protecting us from not using those companies...oh I dont know Id put Myth Busters up against your Sopranos any day.At least the myth busters are obvious about blocking product placement...no guessing here.

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I deal with product placement as part of my job. There are two possible things going on.


a. The producers of the show do not want to be a free advertisement for brands with whom they do not have a placement deal.


b. The producers of the show do not wish to infringe on a copyright, and cover the logo as opposed to dealing with paying the brand after the show has aired for use of a copyright without permission. Korg (or whoever) might not want to be associated with the show, possibly.


- Jeff

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I noticed the ORG riton keyboard as well. I commented to my wife about it. Like the old days where they'd put a big piece of black tape over the Hammond nameplate on the back of the organ, like no one knew what it was or even cared. But, now we all know that the ORG riton is the choice of NY guido wedding band keyboardists.


As an aside- my guitar player uses an old Fender Bassman amp that has been worked up a bit to sound good for guitar. We blacked out the B in Bassman with some tape at our last gig. Now he plays an assman amp. :) A Polish guy I know used to make his Roland keyboard say Poland. Not as good as "assman" but still a bit clever.

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