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  1. I really liked this treatment until.. I didn’t. Too mellow IMO for the finale. Had they built up to a their rock version for a minute or so, then mellowed out for the finish I would have LOVED IT. IMO of course.
  2. I read Joes book 3 three times now, with several years in between, and will be rereading it again— it is, IMO, that good. 👍
  3. Cool! I was at at the gig at the Durham Carolina Theatre as well! I live 4 blocks from that venue so parking is never a problem... The gig was great. The energy as mentioned was amazing and Joe seemed touched the crowd was so supportive and loving. The music, as expected, was excellent --the interpretation sublime. EXCEPT: the final song of the encore. The buildup to the finale was impeccable, the chords becoming more and more telling as to which song is was, but once the song was fully formed and identifiable to me it then went flat - No energy. I wanted them to kick it into High Gear to leave the stage and audiences energized; however, they missed. IMO of course. Still, a GREAT SHOW--don't miss it! 👍
  4. If you are refering to my 32 number, I mistyped MB for GB, and have corrected it. I upgraded the RAM to the max allowed on that iMac. For my next machine I will go 64GB. BTW: I use UAD Apollo external for most plugins.https://www.uaudio.com/audio-interfaces.html
  5. Hi Phil, As briefly mentioned before, I am looking to upgrade my computer arsenal, which I do every 4-5 years or so. As a 45 year IT professional, I am keenly aware of MTBF (mean time before failure) and to mitigate this, look for the most vulnerable and weakest link in the chain--mechanical. I am at this point now for my trusty iMac. I did mitigate one potential weak link by replacing the spinning 1TB hard disk with a 1TB SSD a year or so ago--what a huge improvement! Also, for completeness, I upgraded the default RAM from the original RAM to the max 32GB. This is the rig I need to replace, which is why I am following this tread with keen interest. Basically, I am looking for my next 5 year cycle platform to support my needs: 1. heavy programming (Docker-based) - RAM and CPU heavy at times 2. DAW - Cubase and Logic Pro 3. Video production - Final Cut Pro 4. Photoshop Subscription Suite 5. (it seems) 100 Safari and Chrome tabs open at a time.. 6. support multiple cutting edge video monitors 7. etc, I am a heavy Apple ecosystem user, as I heavily and regularly use multiple Apple devices for my professional and personal use. Therefore I push a lot of content into the cloud. I am also a firm believer in the built-in Time Machine function, which I constantly use for both my iMac and my (aging) MacBook Pro. --> As I have learned from long experience, one can never have too many good data backup sources and locations (tested under fire, of course..) .... <- I need to have all of my production apps ready for the new apple technology; however, if I find a vendor that is lagging too far behind I will quickly replace that vendor with a more responsive one. I have allegiance to no one. Make sense?? Thanks again Phil for your knowledge sharing! -steve
  6. Thank you Phil for this very helpful, highly informative reporting! I am following this thread with keen interest, as I am now looking yo move from my workhorse, heavily modified iMac to a new platform.
  7. Just something I whipped up. The key is velveting the chicken before hand, Taking it out of the stirfry onto a bowl. Then cook the thicker items like carrots, broccoli, squash, etc. putting back in the chicken and then go for the smaller items. Last but not least are the leafy ingredients. I just heated up some rice I had and then serve it over that. pretty yummy. Nutritious as well.
  8. Hmmm. Interesting comment about baking soda. Now I'm curious as well. What exactly does baking soda do anyway? So I did some research: Quoted from here So, my guess here is rather than using fermentation (like yeast does) to product "Bubbles", baking soda and... ? generate carbon dioxide bubbles instead. My feeble mind can't figure out what the mystery component is... Any chemists in the crowd?
  9. Cool stuff! Personally, For relaxation, I watch sports--the more interesting the event the more I like it! HOWEVER, when I want to see WAR, I tune into the Food Channel: Chopped, Guy's Grocery Games, etc get me ready for ACTION! ( kitchen, here I come--mission is to make a Great Meal...) 👍
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