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Anyone own a husky breed?

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I've been doing some research as I'd like to get one someday, but I'm reading everywhere that if you are not patient with their independence and notorious stubbornness, they are not for you. They're beautiful dogs but I don't think I can be that patient or accepting.


I've always considered a golden retriever or a lab though. We used to have a black lab and he was a great dog.

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I owned a Husky who passed away last November unfortunately. :( She was a wonderful dog, but everything they say about the breed is true. They are NOT like any other breed (and I've owned a lot). They're more like cats than dogs - they don't give a damn what you tell them to do unless you give them a DARNED good reason to do it (such as food :D ). You know that instinct dogs have, to do anything to please you? Huskies don't have that. :D They are also totally worthless as watchdogs. Sure, they kind of look like wolves, so they might scare somebody off on sight. But they don't really bark, and if somebody did manage to break into your house the Husky would probably show them where all your expensive gear is. :D They are just not territorial dogs by nature, it's bred in them to be friendly to everyone and love meeting new people.


They are also notorious wanderers. You cannot let them off leash at all unless either they're in an enclosed yard or house, or you're in the middle of nowhere, where they can't get into trouble. If they see ANYthing at all distracting, like a bird, they're liable to take off and either get hit by a car, or lose their way. You don't want to leave them out in the yard when you're gone either - they can dig under fences OR jump over them, and they will if they're bored!


Oh, and when they're puppies, Huskies make you want to kill them. They're nearly impossible to house train, and they chew up EVERYthing, and are apt to keep chewing everything when they're adults, too.


Through a LOT of patience and attention, I was lucky enough to get my dog not to chew things, dig or jump out of the yard, and other such common nightmares of Husky owners. But unless you're really prepared to spend a LOT of time with them - not only training but exercising, hiking, camping and stuff - I wouldn't recommend the breed.


That said, if you're a really active outdoor type they are wonderful, and love having a job to do. And they're fantastic with children, and if they're properly socialized they love other dogs too (you probably DON'T want them around cats, although I was also able to train mine to get along with the cats without killing them, as many Huskies do, literally). They're exceptionally sweet and affectionate dogs as well.


If you're not quite as patient I'd definitely suggest a Lab, they are very trainable and eager to please.

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Uhm, The Weimaraner probably won't work then either. I had a friend that had a couple and they are somewhat hyper, will bark & etc.

Definitely not low maintenance.

I have, finally, many years after Blue died, another Aussie. They also are high maintenance dogs.


Looks to me like a lab, if you like them and could live with them in the past.


I'm like the Tedster in some ways and our calmest dong is a Heinz 57 variety.


Our Joint


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Originally posted by Phait:

Thanks for the reply! I'm also considering a Weimaraner.




Phait, my girlfriend just had to put her 12-year-old Doberman down a couple weeks ago, and last Thursday her daughter presented her with a Weimaraner pup for her birthday. Cutest little guy, he was the runt of the litter and very mellow for a puppy (even the vet noticed this) so we're hoping he ends up a decent dog. He's already housebroken, learned to use the dog door, slowly making friends with the cat, and in general a lot of fun. Pam named him Oscar, so he's an Oscar Weimaraner. :freak::D


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Ever think of a Bernese Mountain Dog? Check the American Kennel Club for breed descriptions. Also, there is this questionaire that might help you narrow down the breed that is right for you.


The most explicable reason to get a pure breed is that their chacteristics will most likely fall within the breed parameters (weight, height, temperment). With a mixed breed, you might get a great dog, but you can never really tell what they will grow up to be.


Good luck.

There is no substitute.
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A friend of ours owns a Husky.

His names Tzar and hes the sweetest blue eyed thing ever.

I think what Steven did was take him to a trainer and Tzar responded pretty well to his trainning.

They are really nice dogs to have and really loyal.

We own a Shih Tuz called Molly Mop and shes a playful little thing but you have to groom them every few weeks and the constant brushing is annoying but they are lovely little dogs with odd mannerisms like laying full on flat with all legs strided out and the tougue thats always sticking out a little and saying hello by tapping your feet. They are truely beautiful dogs.


The other breed thats really sweet is the Old English Sheepdogs.

They are sooooooo cute but need lots of food and grooming again. http://www.pedigreesroyal.com/images/dogs/fullsize/oldenglish.jpg

another alternative is the German Sheperds or Alsation dogs....they are very loyal and will protect a family really well. Good luck in your choice and let us know which dog you decided on but i am sure you'll get the right one for your family


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I have a 7 year old Husky/Harrier mix named Kiana, that I got from my sister when she was working in Nome, Alaska. She shipped her to Connecticut when she was a couple months old. This dog doesn't know how lucky she is, she'd literally be a sled dog now if I didn't get her. Kiana is more Husky than Harrier I think. She's got the blue eyes, the Husky tail, and that agressive Husky temperment where she wants to kill things (squirrels, possums, skunks, etc.) but she knows I'm the boss.



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Heh, only "family" considering the dog is myself. I'm single (intend on staying that way for quite some time) and no kids.


My cousin has a female German Shep an while I love the dog, it's rather independent and seems to like to be by herself and seems protective. Their other German Shepered is all white and is more like a giant puppy! I woke up with both of them laying on me a few times - silly dogs. I had considered a Shep a couple years ago, but I think I'd more prefer something assertive to generally everyone and not too wary or protective.


When I was 7 or 8 my dad got me a Shih Tzu as well, but she turned out to be aggressive and snapped at my friend (bit her on the nose) and at my Gramma. We gave her away after that. I like a dog you can hug and not be afraid of stumbling over and one that doesn't *constantly* bark.

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I have one that is part husky/ part rottie and a female that is part german shephard/part malamute. and they just had puppies! actually I only have two left out of nine. simon is very much like the husky description but pretty much a meathead but very very territorial. I don't know if that is the rottie influence or if it is from my Karelian bear dog showing simon the ropes. NOBODY comes in unless It is cleared through me or my wife.guests are announced then Squirt will look at whoever is in charge to see if it is OK for them to come in. This happens everytime even with people that he has known all of his life.

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Gosh, sorry Phait, i thought you were a family man. My apologies.


Dogs...as your single and its a companion your looking for, why not consider a Boxer who are lovely dogs and always so responsive to the owner. http://www.animalforum.com/images/dog010.jpg


or a Border Collie.


Just throwing in ideas into the pot. :)

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Lee - did your huskey have brown or black nose and eyes? I've heard the Husky and the aussie red kelpie are the only two dogs to have brown/chocolate lips, nose and eyes.


I've currently got a wild dingo hanging around my place. (I'm surrounded by world heritage national park) She sneaks in at night and steals the food I leave out. She is only a year old (last winter's litter) and has the classic gold colour, white chest and feet and a white tip on her tail, all signs of her breed purity. (btw pure bred dingos are rare due to inbreeding with normal dogs).


Whether or not I can tame her down a bit is unsure - they say that,like the huskey, you can never tame a dingo - we'll see :):)




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Cool John - dingos are kewl. I love kelpies too, wouldn't mind having one of those one day.


Kira, my husky had a black nose and blue eyes, although there are brown huskies that do have the brown nose and eyes. There ARE other breeds that can have that... pointers and weimeraners can, actually.


Phait, IMO there's nothing like a German Shepherd - That is my favorite breed. You will see a LOT of variation in their personalities, not only because of genetics but because how they're raised and what they feel they're expected to do is a big factor in how they act. They have an uncanny knack for adapting to whatever situation they're placed in. So, if you want a super people friendly dog, all you gotta do is make sure you spend a lot of time with him and take him out to be around other people all the time. They won't mind because he'll probably be better behaved at a party than any of the guests. :D

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Originally posted by eh steve:

get a mutt!




i'm going to my local shelter and getting one tomorrow.





You won't regret it! When you walk into the pound, there'll be especially one dawg that knows that you and he were meant to be...

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Yeah, all of my dogs have been mutts, strays and/or rescues. And they've all been wonderful.


That's one reason I try to warn people about the difficulties of having a Husky if you're used to other breeds or have little time to spend with a dog. Siberian Husky rescue organizations are always full up with dogs that people get because of their looks and then have to give them up because they can't handle them. :(

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I had a husky/malamute cross many years back. She had an instant affinity to the sound of the harmonica. She would sit back and howl soulfully when I played, it was almost like the sound took over her. Most of it was in pitch too!


She was a stunning looking dog. As far as a pet, well...she was not so great. I lived with a dog trainer at the time and it was a losing battle to get her to learn anything. She showed a talent for pulling sleds though!

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I've got a Husky. He's 5 years old and a wonderful dog. Great with my Grandson, who's only 1 1/2 years old. He's kind of big for a Husky, beautiful coat, and one blue eye. he's even the mascot for a local elem. school - The Hinman Huskies. They put his photo on the year book and everything. The kids go nuts for him. A couple things that I really like about this breed is he doesn't go out and bark. He's very vocal and will almost talk to you at times, but wont bark at dogs at night in the neighborhood. Also, he doesn't know a stranger, but since he's looks so wolflike, people back off a bit. I've also got an Akita/lab mix. Here they are:





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We had to put down our Old English Sheepdog on Memorial Day weekend. Lived to be 14 years old. Wonderful dog, especially for families, and I would definitely consider getting another.


I like big dogs. I really want a Bernese Mountain Dog for our next pet. They are very expensive and not very long lived (as is the case with most big dogs). We know several families that have one and there are several reputable breeders in the area. I love the breed but it's probably not going to happen.


My wife took the kids to a local dog show yesterday. They missed seeing most of the large breeds, but they did see and fall in love with a Newfoundland. It had sort of a black and white dappled coat, which seem unusually.


I think we're going to consider several different breeds, look for the right dog this summer and if it doesn't happen, wait until next spring.

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I had a golden retriever for 13 years. Best dog I ever had. Like a human. Incredibly smart. My brother has one and I just moved in with him and his golden is just as sweet. But scratches constantly. This dog has scratched herself her whole life. He says "yeah, she needs a bath." He's always said that and the dog as has always scratched. The smell of dog is in the air.


I didn't know that about Husky traits.


As for how docile, I've only known one hyper golden. All the rest I've been around are about as pleasant a dog as you will find. Wonderful animals. The Border Collies are also wonderful.


The pound idea, yep, that's also nice to do.

> > > [ Live! ] < < <

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Originally posted by Joe Cole:

Mark, my spelling may be off, but a black and white Newfie is called a Lanseeder. Beautiful dog. Much much bigger then the Bernese you mentioned, but similar in temporment.


www.akc.org, check there for more info

Thanks, Joe. I found the dog mentioned under "Newfoundland". It's "Landseer".
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