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OT - Friend has lump in his chest, what to do

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Last night, I was talking to a friend, Billy, and he said something like "Well, I probably won't be here much longer anyway." I had been asking him about his latest back surgery. He's had several and is disabled at age 49. His comment almost went right past me. Then, it sunk in and I asked him what did he mean by that comment.


He said he noticed a lump in his chest on one side. And then it grew to the other side. And getting bigger. He said he's been too scared to go to the doc.


I went on to tell him about my dog. A fatty tumor. They took it out, she was in total health. Then told him about a friend. Same thing. He was scared to go to the doc. I told him about my dog. He went to the doc. They said "fatty tumor." Did surgery, removed it. He's fine.


So Billy literally shook my hand and said "Thank you, thank you, thank you. Man, that makes me feel great. Okay, I will go. Who was his doc?"


I told him I'd find out. But my other friend is out of town, so, I can't. I've got to call Billy back today. He doesn't know what kind of doc to go to. I told him he'd probably need to go to an internal doctor first, then maybe an oncologist. But I doubt he could just get an appointment with an oncologist, right?


So, I was thinking maybe he should just go to the local G.P. doc, who is outstanding and knows about all kinds of stuff. He could then refer him. Think that's the thing to do?


Billy is an alcoholic and chain smoker. Yikes. Obviously, he isn't ready to go yet and I hope he can get well. I doubt there's much hope for quitting smoking. Even less quitting drinking.

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Male breast cancer is being diagnosed in increasing numbers. The only key to survival is getting to a doctor at the earliest point.


Tell your pal that it's his choice to live or die, but dying might be a really unpleasant process without medical attention.


And good luck.


- Jeff

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No, I'd get a GP's referral.


Yeah, fatty tumors happen. But then it might not be. I know a guy who had the same type of deal, turned out to be Hodgkin's disease. It's a type of lymphatic cancer. The good news is that it's apparently one of the more controllable forms, unlike non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, in which the outcome may not be as favorable.


If it is in fact Hodgkin's disease, getting prompt medical attention will be crucial to helping him beat it.

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