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OT: Northern California Fires

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I walked out of the house today and everything was covered with a fine gray ash. I mowed the lawn with my mask on-



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It's really tough. I talked to my daughter, who lives in LA, and she says she's lucky - she's in Hollywood, and it's much worse elsewhere. I have a friend who lives on a big ranch in Oregon, and while she's not threatened (yet), she says the air is basically unbreathable and it's very difficult to work in that context.


Having lived in California and experienced forest fires, and lost a friend and mentor who died in the Paradise fire, I know you're going through a unique version of hell right now. I just hope there are minimal casualties, and against all odds, you get some significant rain or at least, humidity and no wind.


It's hard to feel powerless in this situation when you know friends are suffering. Fingers crossed.

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bizarre and apocalyptic here in the bay area... wow, it's dark like night here in Sausalito. This is a pic I think from just a few minutes ago, 10:50am





That looks dangerous


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Well, these fires are all over the news now. It's a historical event, and of course not in a good way. The sepia-toned skies over the Bay Area that everyone has seen were chilling to behold, but not immediately dangerous. That was high altitude smoke. However, the past couple days ground level smoke has descended on the Bay Area. Last night Purpleair was showing 325 where I live. It's a little better now, around 280.


I can tell you from recent experience that anything above 200 is seriously uncomfortable to breath. At around 250, you just want to stay inside. People who already own a high quality filtering mask are putting it to use anytime they step outside.


The numbers in Oregon are unreal. I see readings in the 400's all over the state. 450 in central Portland. Even some 600's here and there.


Right now you don't want to be outside, but being inside in a public place -- the ones that are open -- isn't exactly a relaxing experience either. The collision of these two crises feels especially cruel.


Westerly winds blowing in from the ocean are forecast to start picking up. In the Bay Area at least, that should start to clear this out later today.

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The numbers in Oregon are unreal. I see readings in the 400's all over the state. 450 in central Portland. Even some 600's here and there.


500,000 people have been evacuated here in Oregon. All up and down the state, a significant portion of the Western Cascades is on fire and heading into the western valleys. 10% of the state's population have had to leave their homes and find safer ground. Unprecedented doesn't begin to describe it. It's beyond bad... horrific.


I live in the Columbia River Gorge east of Portland. Our rugged area usually gets hit by wildfires, but not this time - so far. All we've had to endure is the smoke - a small inconvenience compared to losing your life's possessions further west.


Prayers to all who live in harm's way.

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AQI in Eugene is 440. It's been this way since Tuesday. I've had 3 friends that have had to evacuate due to the Holiday Farm/McKenzie fire. The weather has slowed down its progress over the last day with higher humidity and calm winds and they tell us by Monday it will rain. We're all keeping our fingers crossed...

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