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OT: "That's Amore" parody lines

Josh Paxton

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Just because I thought a thread for these would be fun. Youve probably heard the standard ones


When you cant even feel

Youve been bit by an eel,

Thats a moray.


Not some moral or code

Youve picked up on lifes road,

Thats a more.


When two patterns combine

In a way serpentine,

Thats a moire.


and so on. A while ago I got into a FaceBook war with these. A friend started it by posting something like, When your horse hasnt eaten enough hay, and you have to give him more, thats some more hay! I busted his chops for blowing the meter and rhyme scheme, and corrected it to:


When youve fed your old horse

But he wants more, of course

Thats some more hay.


And then the battle was on, with some strong entries all around. My personal best included:


When a windows so tall

It takes up the whole wall,

Thats a doorway.


When a George says his name

Like they say it in Spain,

Thats a Jorge.


When your sentences end

Like Canadian friends,

Thats-a more Eh?


But when Fonzies pet phrase

Gets repeated for days,

Thats-a more Aaaayyyy!!!


When your wifes new best friend

And her husband join in,

Thats a four-way.


When the people are floored

By a coastlines cool fjords,

Thats-a Norway.


When the drummers so loud

That he deafens the crowd,

Stanton Moore, eh?


A friend came up with this gem:


When you play Whatd I Say,

And again Whatd I Say,

Thats-a more Ray.


Then just today, in the holiday spirit, my girl and I jointly penned:


When a jazz-singing Jew

Writes a Christmas song too,

Thats Mel Torme.


But my real reason for starting this thread is that since I had the form stuck in my mind, I just came up with this one and only you guys will appreciate it:


When a new Kurzweil board

Finally ranks with a Nord,

Thats a Forte.


Whew! Okay, glad I got that off my chest.


So, you got some? Lets hear em!


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HA ha Funkey Stuff - brilliant thread! I LOVE your rhymes.... :)


I feel inspired to add a couple of my own, describing a recent gig:


When your drummer does trip

On your cable and flips,

Clear the floor, eh. :D



And your axeman gets high

On his decibel ride,

Ears are sore, eh? :rawk:



And the punters' request

Is a song you detest

No encore, eh..... :deadhorse:



And your new keys aren't quite

What you hoped that they might

Get on Ebay .... :(

"Turn your fingers into a dust rag and keep them keys clean!" ;) Bluzeyone
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+1 on the Forte setup!


I always liked:


When the eel bites your thigh

like a big piece of pie...



When the bandleader sings

with the Buffalo Springs,

that's a Furay


When Ray Manzarek's keys

include bass, plus Vox cheese,

that's a Door Play


The following may push the political talk limitation. If so, I will apologize and accept appropriate chastisement:


When the glo - bal war - ming

Makes the bank go "ka - ching!"

That's Al Gore, eh?


When the android is bad,

but he shares the same dad,

that one's Lore -- 'kay?


When the lovers join hearts

before lovemaking starts,

that's good foreplay


And one that describes this posting, perhaps:


When the thread gets so old

that the bad posts are bold,

that's a bore, eh?


-Tom Williams

{First Name} {at} AirNetworking {dot} com

PC4-7, PX-5S, AX-Edge, PC361


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Yet another eel one:


When an eel green as grass

bites you right on the ass ,

that's a moray.

'Someday, we'll look back on these days and laugh; likely a maniacal laugh from our padded cells, but a laugh nonetheless' - Mr. Boffo.


We need a barfing cat emoticon!








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When the wifey insists you

Put a CPAP on your list

No more snore-ay

The fact there's a Highway To Hell and only a Stairway To Heaven says a lot about anticipated traffic numbers


People only say "It's a free country" when they're doing something shitty-Demetri Martin


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john valby's


when you're pounding your pud and you start coming blood

it's a rupture


when you're trying to piss and all you get is a hiss

it's a rupture


when you come in her crack and she splits up the back

it's a rupture


when you're rubbing her clit and get a handful of shit

it's a rupture




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When your old 4x4

Won't off-road anymore

Take the highway


If what's left on your dome

Looks like old Styrofoam

Rock a toupee!


When you've got too much gear

And it just won't sell here

"Off to Ebay..."



Legend '70s Compact, Jupiter-Xm, Studiologic Numa X 73






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john valby's


when you're ...


At what point does a parody cease to be funny and become just gross? I guess we've all got different thresholds, but you've crossed mine.

Casio PX-5S, Korg Kronos 61, Omnisphere 2, Ableton Live, LaunchKey 25, 2M cables
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It also didn't end in "ay"


Hammond: L111, M100, M3, BC, CV, Franken CV, A100, D152, C3, B3

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