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  1. contact organ forum and ask to change to a new password. I forgot mine and I updated to a new password. no problems.
  2. behringer Pro-800 and a multi effects pedal
  3. I am controlling my Korg Wavestate and Korg Modwave and Hydrasynth desktop by midi out of studiologic sledge black 2.0 into midi solutions thru box. midi in from out of my sledge then the four midi thru from the box to my other synths. I don't want a program change(preset) to effect my other synths. my hydrasynth does not change presets but the wavestate and modwave changes presets when I change a preset on the sledge. I contacted Korg and they told me that there is nothing I can do on Korg units to ignore program change. any help here from someone. is there anything I can do. it seems that the sledge has no setting to not transfer program change. thanx.
  4. Standtastic two or three tier stands, the very best in my opinion. the most adjustable stand and rock solid, absolute no rocking. I could never play a keyboard that is rocking on the stand.
  5. just started going through my new sledge that I recently purchased, and what a surprise. I originally bought it to control four of my other synths. this thing sounds great. even though I don't complain about keyboard touch this thing feels great. even has aftertouch, which I can take or leave (pitch and mod wheel preference). can hold 1,000 presets, so I will load, program and edit a bunch of new presets. the price on this synth is more than worth it. very reasonable. of course this is only my opinion, but now I know why Jordan Rudess and Rick Wakeman also liked this keyboard.
  6. lsj


    am I missing something? why are there no posts or news about NAMM.
  7. studiologic sledge 2.0 and a midi through box.
  8. I am thinking about purchasing the studiologic sledge 2.0 synth. Primarily I want a keyboard to midi to my korg modwave, korg wavestate, waldorf blofeld and hydrasynth desktop. I am one who would rather buy a synth that has sounds in it rather than buying a keyboard controller. the sledge does have aftertouch, which I really don't care for that much, but has pitch and mod wheels which I do like. I have other set ups in my music room, Prophet rev. 2 midied to waldorf iridium, novation peak and 3rd wave desktop that can produce some unbelievable sounds when voiced all together. wondering if anyone has any opinions on the sledge, or any advice. also, the sledge has some decent sounds in it and a large area for saving presets. thanx.
  9. got zapped from touching the metal on my Hammond B-3 and microphone on my lips. big blue spark, that's when I called my organ tech to install a ground on the organ.
  10. can't believe I am seeing the CDX. I had one with pedals that I played for years.
  11. $50.00, are you kidding. this is why I quit playing out about four years ago. the pay today is ridiculous. I get calls from bands saying the pay is $100.00 or $80.00. I don't think so. I was making $140.00 a man back in 1980. live gigs are a joke now. I really feel sorry for the young musicians now.
  12. doesn't impress me at all. nothing new at all.
  13. Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave desktop and a midi through box.
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