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yamaha psr s670 vs korg pa 300 vs roland bk5?


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I'm hoping to buy my first arranger keyboard.


Quick background: I'm trained as a classical pianist and organist but have never really played on an arranger before (well I mean I have but I was just using it as a keyboard rather than any of the functionality it offers).


I'm thinking more of a beginner level arranger and I'm undecided between PA300, s670 or BK5. These all have similar prices and relatively similar features so I'm wondering if you could perhaps let me know the pros and cons of each one and perhaps recommend one to me? Also feel free to suggest other options.



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Hi Alex,


Welcome to the forum. While this forum is a keyboard forum, the arranger players are not overly represented here. Most people are into synthesizers, workstations and digital piano's etc., so it might be good to also check some other resources.


I hoped to be proven wrong though, and maybe someone with experiences on these boards can chime in!


Good luck.




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Hi Alex,


I am actually one of the few that cross both lines. I have my synths, organs but also arranger keyboards. I play a Korg Pa3x LE. This is an amazing arranger and much better than the ones you mention above. I am actually looking to buy the new PA4x which is $4K. I'm thinking of selling my Pa3x LE. PM me and we can discuss more details about the arrangers in general.



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Hi Alex and welcome as well. I'm another crossover player, I have the older Korg Pa1XPro which still sounds really good. All arrangers have similar functionality, I would go to a music store like Sam Ash and start playing some. The primary trick to learn is to hit the chords with your left hand just slightly before the change to give it time to follow you correctly. For a trained player that requires some practice because you're going against years of experience. This is especially important for the bass. If you hit the chord changes right on the beat like you normally would the bass misses the note on the downbeat which is usually the root.


Otherwise features to look out for are full keyboard mode which is where you can play regular two handed piano and the arranger picks up the chord changes from both hands. This may not be available on any of the mid level boards you're asking about. My Korg has that because the Pro series is the top of the line and it's very cool especially for ballads.


Another one is a manual bass option that allows you to turn off the automatic bass and play whatever you want with the LH and it's taking the chords from your RH. Another bass option is inverted bass. That takes the bass line from the lowest note you're playing with the LH. That one you're still playing the chord with the LH. That is good for common descending bass lines like My Funny Valentine for example.


I can't compare those three specific boards because I've not had experience with them. I know when you talk top of the line the Korgs tend to have the most pro level features for live playing on gigs vs just playing at home. If you are unable to find these for testing yourself just listen to all the vids on YT and go from there.


Also, all three companies should have forums for these. I know Korg does here:




Scroll down and you'll see the forum for the Pa600/300.



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Yes, welcome to the forum :)


Try joining and asking the question here http://www.synthzone.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/forums/37/1


In fact if you search for those instruments there I am sure you will find references to all of them ;)

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Hi Alex, I love arrangers! They're a great tool and have opened up all sorts of opportunities that I couldn't do by just playing solo piano.


I have owned Yamaha Tyros and psr, Korg PA and Miroarranger Roland BK, and Ketron Audya. All have their strong points. I find the Yamaha operation system easiest to use plus Yamaha styles are plentiful and you can find many for free on places like the Yamaha psr tutorial forum.


I'm not sure were you live, but here in the US, arranger keyboards are hard to find in the stores, so you should go on youtube and do a lot of listening. Go with what sounds best to you. Good luck!

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