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  1. Thanks that helped a lot! The Jamey Aebersold books came in handy too as they have C, Bb, and Eb parts. We had a great time a jammed on holiday tunes, bossas and jazz and blues standards until late in the evening. My nephew is really passionate about music and we is really taking off on his instrument.
  2. Greeting, My nephew will be visiting for thanksgiving and he says we wants to jam with me with his alto sax. He has a bunch of lead sheet but they're their written for alto sax. All my charts are in concert key. I think I'll just "cheat " and use my transpose button- please don't call the jazz police : ) Concert C is an is a Eb on the alto, correct? So when I'm playing off the alto charts, how do I transpose my keyboard? When we are playing from my concert key charts how do transpose my keyboard?
  3. Those all seem like they would work well to lower the noise level here at home. Have you tried them with your keyboards or just for office communication?
  4. Actually I don't think I have, Maybe once or twice in a store for a minuet. I never had a need for them until now. Why don't you like them? Comfort? Sound? Both?
  5. Interesting choice that I have never heard off. Apparently these are designed for pilots? Thank you for bringing these to my attention.
  6. Greetings, My wife, and I moved into a new open floor plan home and it's really nice but practicing on digital piano can be somewhat of a challenge when I am practicing my in my practice space, while my wife is cooking dinner, especially when she's using the blender to make her salsa or watching her telenovelas. . The kitchen is about 25 feet from my studio and I'm thinking a pair of a goodpair of head phones could cut out some the noise. I looking to spend up $300, but would consider more if they can do what I need them to do really well. Any suggestions? thanks!
  7. Here is the full segment for those interested:
  8. That brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing that.
  9. Question: I see that Czerny wrote a few piano technique books. Which one is the one that most people are referring to?
  10. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to sound issues myself so I've probably made just as dumb request as this guy. Just be nice, explain how it normally done. It sounds like he just doesn't know better. Maybe if there's time, show him how it would sound with the mic vs direct. Let him go out and hear for himself. I am sure he'll make the right choice.
  11. Think how many people have grooved, danced, partied, and had a good time to Mr. Watts beat. Such a sad day. RIP Charlie Watts.
  12. Hi Miden, yes I'd love to take a look at it. Thank you !
  13. Thank you Reezkeys, the chord changes and melody seem good so I'll just transpose and make my own chord chart. . For better or worse I won't be able to use the BUTTON, because the wedding is taking place at the grandparents house and they would love to hear their baby grand in action, even by a hack like me who has to fake a part from a lead sheet! Thanks for saving my backside.
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