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For Nord Stage users!!!!

Phil Aiken

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Someone had posted that on one of the FB keyboard groups. Super expensive, but it is a slick solution.

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I see you have to use the 4 legs on a Stage , so you have to screw them in every time, so much for a quick set up teat down versus a Z or X or other stand, but i guess the hang tight advantages offsets that?

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What a terrible web page. Not just the nausea-inducing parallax scrolling that has come into (and is hopefully going out of) vogue, but also all the translucence that makes the text harder to read, and the lack of any unobstructed image that lets you easily see what the setup really looks like. Really surprising to me, from a company whose product seems largely focussed on aesthetics!

Maybe this is the best place for a shameless plug! Our now not-so-new new video at https://youtu.be/3ZRC3b4p4EI is a 40 minute adaptation of T. S. Eliot's "Prufrock" - check it out! And hopefully I'll have something new here this year. ;-)

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Hey guys, JR with Hang Tight Stands here. Face and I thank you all for the feedback. We're definitely listening.


We're musicians and engineers first, and realize we need some improvement on the web site. In fact we're rebuilding our web site now to have lightweight landing pages for each product, better contrast, and we're changing our take on the "vogue" look e.g. scrolling and the parallax thing. We want a nice media experience but definitely not for any of it to get in the way of content or navigation. We're making some videos of setup and tear down, and we'll share them as soon as they're ready.


We're also making a new "universal" stand that will fit any lower or upper keyboard, and has it's own quick-fit legs - no screwing - and rock solid, better than an X or Z stand.


If anyone has any questions or additional feedback, we're here and listening. Thanks again!



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Just a couple of suggestions - take or leave.


I know that some guys like to show their keyboard branding to the audience, but others that dig the vintage sounds that come from Nord instruments go for a wood stand/case to hide they're using digital instruments. So maybe there is an optional piece of the puzzle for hiding the back of the keyboards. Which would also hide the cable mess, or even better handle the cable mess.


The 35lbs limit and the fact that it depends on direct placement and support from the very expensive Nord Stage (2/EX) is a little unnerving. Maybe there is a design here that increases stability and reduces risk to the Nord Stage by connecting to the Nord legs? At the very least, maybe it needs some padding on the wood parts where it meets the lower tier instrument with a bit of clamping. There is an awful lot of impact that goes into playing live, the whole thing is going to shake.



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ElmerJFudd, thanks again for the feedback, we greatly appreciate any and all.


We understand protecting gear is a must. In the bracket there is a rubber strip and only this touches the lower keyboard. It's just right to solidly mount the upper keyboard while protecting the lower. The weight limit is on the conservative side as you may imagine. The rods make a really stable system that stays put under vigorous play. We'll be showing this in a video.


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I had a difficult time seeing it from the site. I live in north Texas. Is there a show room?
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Not to be discouraging, but I don't understand the value proposition. Every second tier is "0 footprint," correct? No second tier takes up space for pedals or the like, by definition. That's what a second tier is. No?


This seems to have a VERY limited client-base. Specifically: NS users who 1) use the legs, 2) decide still to use the legs even when they need a second tier, 3) are willing to pay more for a custom second tier(-only) than they would for almost any two-tier stand in the first place, 4) ...even though virtually every two-tier-stand on the market is easier than those damned legs (and cheaper than legs-plus-your-thing).


I would gently suggest that this is a VERY limited market, to put it mildly.


Anyway, that real estate is far more valuable to me as a Vent- or drawbar- (or even setlist- or earplug-) holder, than as a host to the base for this, and that fact alone is enough to earn a pass from me.


It's a cute idea, but my own .02 is that I can't see it going too much farther than it's already gone.

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MathOfInsects, thank you for the feedback, you are not discouraging at all! Fair point on the zero footprint verbiage; clarifying, we are saying, compared to using a dedicated X/Z stand for the upper keys.


And this is OT but there is a universal stand coming that will support any two keyboards in one footprint. Face is a Nord man so we built Nord stands first.


We are about being very stable, very functional, very good-looking, being lightweight and easy to set up and tear down.


Again we appreciate all the help!


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