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Worst Album Covers Part II

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Actually, the Tiny Tim one isn't bad. He actually looks ready to spout some sort of Zappa-esque schtick...and there's also something rather sarcastically menacing about his otherwise comletely unmenacing countenance. Yeah, if you can't be pretty, be witty.
"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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FREDDIE GAGE!!! Oh MAN, I used to have a Freddie Gage album, a fifty-cent score from a church yard sale. It was called "Drugs And Youth," and it dated form about 1970/71. It was pure comedy gold. And yes, all Freddie's friends are dead, because they all got high. Now they're dead. That'll teach you.

"I had to have something, and it wasn't there. I couldn't go down the street and buy it, so I built it."


Les Paul

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Originally posted by bluestrat:


My worst fear is going on a camping trip to the North Georgia mountains, getting lost and running into these guys.


Michael Oster

F7 Sound and Vision

ReGurgiTron - is afraid of those guys too. cue the banjo.

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