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What do you set up first at a gig?


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I'll set up the amp first, just the stand and the K10. They go behind me, so it's easier to set that up first. Right after that I'll set my power supply. I have a 4 outlet extension cord in it's own reel, so I can use just what I need to get from the wall outlet to where I need it. I have another long extension cord as well, but seldom need to use it. All my power needs come from that one cable reel, so on/off is one switch.


2nd I'll place the stand, and position the boards, the Vent, and the mixer.


Then I find a place for my fan and my beer table. Extremely important pieces, especially in Florida (got to 83 yesterday)


After everything is placed I'll connect power, audio, and control pedals.


Last is my mike stand and mike, and any connection going to FOH.


Tear down, I remove the boards, the vent, and the mixer right away. Then the stands go, and I'll do the cabling last.


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First is my carpet, which is about two inches bigger than the footprint of my stand. I get that situated with the stool and mic stand to make sure there's room.


The 88 is on the top of the load on the cart, so I pull it out of the road case - rather than lifting the road case off the load and then pulling out the keyboard.


Next is the cord box, which I place on a chrome jack stand behind me somewhere. Cords come out, and pedals and such, and cabling is plugged in. Then the cord box is closed and the K8 sits on top of it.


Last is the 2nd tier keyboard, which is at the bottom of the cart load in a very hard hard case. Then I take the big 88 case and stack it on top of the smaller keyboard case on the cart and find the cart-storing location.


Tear down is reverse order. The 2nd tier keyboard goes in the case on the bottom of the cart, and then everything else stacks on top of it. I get 2 keyboards, speaker, sometimes a bass speaker, stands, stool, mic stand, cord box, gig bag and extra cord bag - everything onto one 4-wheel dolly for one trip into the venue. Carrying stuff into the venue is for amateurs... or people who really enjoy carrying stuff

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The last two months it's been;

- Remove in-ears from plastic box

- connect belt pack cable

- insert in-ears into ears.

- listen to B3 and Kronos to make sure nothing is broken

- check all the connections and cables


Teardown: go backwards from 3 to 1. Get a beer.



In the real world, I start with stands, then instruments. I do the cables after that, to make sure nobody trips on them, and in-ear system w. buttkicker last of all. Teardown starts with the boards to keep them safe.

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For me, it's keyboard stand, keyboard, pedals, cables (power and line out), then guitar processor and wireless for guitar. We only play places that have PA and monitors, so there aren't any amps to haul around for me.

Hmmm, We usually play at places with that set up. I always bring my powered mixer /monitor to be sure I can hear myself but the last sound guy I worked with suggested I just go to DI outs from my keyboards. Sounds tempting with one less piece of gear to haul but I like to be able to monitor my 2 keyboard mix. I guess with just one keyboard the no-amp set up would work as long as the sound guy keeps a good stage feed to the keyboard player.

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Dittos on the fan! I forgot to post it earlier also.

I have a few of those Honeywell (I believe) black fans as found in Wal Mart, Lowes, etc. Great fans, 3 speeds, quiet.

I bought 2 for the guitar players, but to be honest, they always forget to bring them.



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