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Make my Funk the ???


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God, I love the Onion:




"I had a 9 a.m. meeting the next day with a very important client," said concertgoer/stockbroker James Norridge, 42, who did not go to sleep until well after midnight. "I really needed to be at the top of my game."


Norridge's disappointment was typical of the 17,456 whites in attendance.


"I did not wish to get 'funked up,'" said Roger Kleist, 33. "If I did, I would have attended a Dave Matthews Band concert."

I played in an 8 piece horn band. We would often get bored. So...three words:

"Tower of Polka." - Calumet

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Originally posted by mate_stubb:

I didn't follow your link, but remember the quote from my favorite Onion article "Mothership Descends on Hootie Concert". Friggin hilarious!


For more Onion fun, look up "Phish Collapses Onstage".

It transpires that the quote above is from that article.


That article is funny in the same way that South Park depicting an audience golf-clapping politely at a Phil Collins concert was funny, and for the same reasons.


Those two Onion articles have been making the rounds again lately.

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