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Poll: Censorship on this Forum?

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No joyhnny B, it's 50% didn't really know what was going on, and 50% read the rest of these posts and think your attempts at songwriting aren't fall outside the realm of protected speech. Actually, everybody her is for freedom of speech, and some of us even know that "censorship", by definition, doesn't exist unless a government agency is involved. Until then, it simply "gatekeeping", and if you knew anything about the constitution or any of the other legal foundations of public free speech, you'd know that.

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else.





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Ok - a heads-up for everyone. Everyone has had a good chance to put opposing viewpoints.


Essentially the two closed threads will stay closed. This thread too will close soon too, so that we can return to the purpose of this forum. None of the three threads will be censored i.e. words removed / changed. But nor should they be bumped endlessly.


Johnny B - please do not start a further thread on this issue. Doing so will to me be a further breach of forum etiquette and I will ask for your removal from this forum.


As stated previously I have no issue with you requesting a collaboration on the Collaboration corner forum. usually forum etiquette applies there as well of course.


As Craig would say, I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming ;)

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But you did say collabs would be OK here, right?


Now if I had a way of keeping the right wingers from attempting to derail my attempt for just 2 collabs, that might help. What do you suggest?


I've already admitted elsewhere that I'm stuck and need some real help with these lyrics.


And you have to admit one thing, this forum did come to some people's notice, maybe not in the way I would have liked, but they did notice it. I dunno if that will mean more work for you or not. Maybe. :)


Oh, and BTW, I expect you to act honorably and censor everything of a right wing nature upon the complaint of a any liberal.


Do I have your word that you will censor all right wing material?


Fair is fair, right.

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What I said is that the Collaboration Corner forum is ok for collaborations, not this one.


As far as censoring, I've locked threads based mostly on your behaviour rather than the content. You totally misunderstand both my political beliefs and my moderator rationales.


On that note this thread should die a peaceful death.

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Nursers, here's exactly what you said:


posted by Nursers 04-02-2005 10:52 PM                       


"Hi folks,


Craig and Jim have kindly allowed me to moderate this forum. It sort of has a synergy with the collaboration forum, and I'm happy to help out. A bit like Collab Corner, this forum is low-volume but high quality"


So do we have a little bit of a moving target, franky, I'm confused because first you say "there's a synergy with the collaboration corner"...and it's like the "Collab Corner" and now you say it's not at all like the Collab Corner.


Does this now mean that no one will ever be allowed to work on songs here? That we should never discuss lyrics?


You could be a good sport and unlock my two threads. Esp the one about The Ballad of Corrupt Congressman Tom Delay which only took 9 posts before being locked down.

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Jim, post your phone number and I'll be happy to give you a ring when you find it convienient.


If you like, I can stop posting here. I just thought we might have a little fun with these threads. Clearly, I've made some people very upset with my weak attempts at humour. So whatever you want to do, I'm OK with it.

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I'd really prefer to talk to you on the phone, you can manage 2 minutes, can't you?


You could post the corporate phone number and they could patch me thru. That should keep your privacy fairly well protected.


I'm really not a bad person to talk to, I don't bite or anything. My wife even has me housetrained...well sort of... :)

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