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  1. Songwriting and Composition

    Here's the place to find out how to get out of creative ruts, analyze what makes a great song, discover inspirations for writing, and maybe even meet an online collaborator.


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  2. Virtual Music - Online Collaboration

    Virtual worlds are another performance and composition option. If you are interested in music in places like Second Life or want to find someone else online to collaborate with, you've found the right place.



  3. The Podcasting Channel

    The place for those Interested in podcasting or wanting to check out the latest from MPN's own podcasts. No previous experience necessary.




  4. The Big Picture

    Iconic images, album artwork, music video, social media or marketing - photography is to the eyes, what music is to the ears. We discuss all things photography and video, with an emphasis on the creative process and deliver a healthy dose of the tools and toys at the heart of our art.


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    • Sorry I don't have experience on either one, but you can simulate "real world" experience of gigging with Roland KC-990 like this: Find something that weights 93 pounds (42 kg). Lift it up and carry around the house a few times. Then lift it to the car and back. That will simulate real world experience of gigging with the Roland 🤪  
    • I’m in absolutely no position to suggest you should pay it out of your pocket. At least in this current state of what appears to be a high monthly cost that is not negligible.  I was wrong to compare it against my own forum which is really cheap because I created it with the sole purpose of offering just a simple forum functionality whereas you’ve  already established a much more elaborate website with other people involved and those people get paid.   If for some reason you decide to downsize it and leave only the forum on, I believe it can be pretty cheap though. I am myself paying something around $10-15 a month which includes hosting, domain, AWS storage. But then I’m also maintaining it myself and I’m a software engineer, so maybe not a fair comparison. All that being said, I believe any forum should be free. If there are high costs, they should be covered either by the owner on good will, or a cheap solution be sought, there are actually free forums. For instance, there’s Free Flarum.   There’s nothing wrong with asking for donations though. I just hope that if for some reason the donations are not regular and don’t cover your costs you would rather seek a downsizing and cheaper solutions rather than closing it. Maybe it’s just an OCD on my side but I’m not OK with the idea that a forum can be run for free, yet we’re donating for it. It’s not about me paying $5 a month, as already said that’s less than a lunch. It’s just that I’m really obsessed with efficiency and frugality.  Again, apologies for kind of suggesting what’s not my business.  
    • How often is that a problem where you live, Jenny? And how bad?
    • Shipping costs are built into the sale price (usually) while shopping online. Large , heavy, and or bulky items usually have an free shipping exception labeled with that particular product.   In person sales are often negotiated to be lower priced than on line shopping. At this point the sales establishment has to determine who is going to pay, them or the customer.   Shipping costs have risen drastically over the last three years
    • OK something else: the Featured bar expands and in Bravo theme grays/dims and hides the content when closed. You might look elsewhere and never notice. I tune out everything besides what I am looking for unless it gets in my way. 

    • Fascinating read, so far! This looks like a powerful tool with a very straightforward interface.  I don't own a dedicated mastering tool, having used some of the basic mastering options offered within Logic Pro X - also using a free copy of EZmix that was included with a keyboard purchase a few years back. My 11' x 11'  bedroom studio space is not a signicant source of income, if at all over the past couple years. But I'm seeing that Master Plan could've benefitted recordings I've released.     Planning to check out Master Plan over the next month once my new MacMini is set up with Logic reinstalled. Just finishing up a collaboration on a 2015 iMac that is quickly circling the drain .
    • Welcome aboard! Reviews are always so much more useful to the community when the developer can add unique insights and provide fact-checking. I appreciate your comments, which lead me to more comments   When I clicked on the "user guide" button, no manual appeared. After seeing your comment, I went to check again. The issue was clicking on it opened a folder with a highlighted PDF manual file, which is fine except it opened on my second screen. I happened to have it turned off yesterday because nothing I was running needed it, so that's why I didn't see the manual.  Pilot error - I assumed that since you did the standard "hold shift" for fine tuning, you'd probably do the usual "ctrl+click" for reset on Windows. Of course, alt+click is just as good. I totally missed the resizing options, due to force of habit...I pulled on the corners to resize.    I won't be so impatient about checking it out as I get further into this   So far, one of my favorite aspects is that Master Plan can do subtle changes. It lets you decide whether you want to use a scalpel or a sledgehammer.   
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