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  1. I'm really digging this video because I have been on-again, off-again learning that song for a little while now. I have some sheet music but it isn't the greatest..... As is the usual it emphasizes the guitar parts at the expense of the keys. The funny part is it credits the words and music to James De Young. Maybe that's Dennis' brother? 🙂
  2. No, no, no.... That would be "B&O". You know, like the B&O Railroad. On the Monopoly game board.
  3. I have a "Trek" bicycle which is actually a no-name bike from Walmart with Trek decals I got on Ebay. It's 5 MPH faster now. I still have bad dreams about the knockoff junk we used to have when I was a kid.
  4. I suppose someday when you get to be REALLY famous, you can put your own name on your instruments. Like Jon Lord or Cozy Powell. Or do like Ron Mael and re-arrange the letters on your Roland to say "Ronald".
  5. You had it good. I had to make my cassettes by recording songs off the radio. It was always a revelation years later to hear the actual recorded version with the whole intro on it, not cut off because I was asleep at the switch.
  6. I have a Knox stand but I had to "adjust" it with a Sawzall to bring the upper keyboard down closer to the lower one. I'd like to drop it at least another inch if I could. I think my next plan will be to add some spacers under the lower keyboard to raise it a little.
  7. Our new guitar player would probably stand there soloing the whole time and no one would be able to hear the organ.
  8. Bill must be unfamiliar with "Gimme Some Money" by Spinal Tap...
  9. I use one very similar to that one except it is by Knox. I found the second tier to be much too tall so I used a Sawzall to trim the legs down to about 1/3 their original height. I don't want to be totally hidden by the upper keyboard! Just a little bit.
  10. I learned Steppin' Out several years ago, just as I was coming back to the piano as an adult. I need to re-visit it now that I have a few (barely a few) more skills! I've always liked that song.
  11. "Hmmmm, that doesn't really work there. Did you try this, Or this? Or...... This?? Ha ha ha ha!" For the record, I'd never heard the Alicia Keyes song either. Or seen Men In Black.
  12. Indeed! Kudos to Tim for thinking outside of the box. Suddenly drone photography is everywhere these past few years but Tim is the first and only one I have seen who has tried it at night. I might have to give it a try!
  13. Small world, I was just browsing their page yesterday. Must be because I am on the NPAN email notifications list. Oh, hey, Tim is a speaker this year! 👍
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