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S Gould Hurricane report from Pt Charolotte, FL

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I talked to S Gould (aka Digitmus) tonight. He had to use the cell phone, which hasn't been working until now. They've been without power for about 6 days (so no phone, air, computer, TV, frig, etc), the whole area is a disaster zone. Government imposed curfew. But besides horrible damage, everyone (that we know anyway) is thankfully intact and not harmed.

Nathan Eldred


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The Studio:



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Let him know we are glad to know he and his loved ones are ok... send him our best wishes.


Thanks for reporting!


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Thanks for the update Nathan... Scott checked in shortly after the hurricane went through, (I think he was using a generator) and let us know that his sceened in area around his pool was now IN his pool, but for the most part the damage to his place wasn't too bad.


Again, I definitely appreciate the update. If you talk to him again any time soon, tell him we all said hello. :wave:

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Yes, but what are the odds of the same thing happening twice? Building codes have changed, too. Newer buildings aren't hurricane proof, but there are things you can do to make them pretty close to that ideal.

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Hey Guys!!

I finally got the internet back - thanks for your thoughts. The house is OK, lost some trees, and the pool is full of scrap aluminum. The studio took some roof damage, and a little water, but with some $$$ and a little time, should be up and running. I was lucky enough to have telephone and internet for a few hours after the storm, but then Sprint's battery back-up died, so I was cut off. It's going to ba along time 'til things are anywhere near normal here, but the clean-up and repairs are proceeding. There were 10,000 homes totaled, and 25,000 damaged, and some businesses are just gone!

Craig's right about the likelihood of another storm hitting here - this is a once a century occurrance. The newer homes fared quite well, it was mostly older homes (50s & 60s) and trailers that were totaled. In fact, the near future could be the best time to buy real estate around here - just make sure it's a newer house.




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