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Anyone here use "rackstuds" for their sound modules etc.

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Ive just picked up a used 18 unit rack on casters (quite cheaply) to finally place a lot of my sound modules into for my studio.


It was very cheap but good quality unit but was missing screws so im prepared to splurge here. Hee hee


In a search for screws in bulk (in Australia) I found its cheaper to buy the screws with the cage nuts and washer online. Our hardware stores here are useless and expensive as they've been taken over by mega companies so screws alone will cost more than the whole lot of nut screw and washer.


So in search of said cage nuts online i found a company/product called "rackstuds" (plastic system) and a second company called clicknuts (metal).


Anyone with experience with rackstuds? Good system but has sheerforce limitation due to plastic. What's your thought on this?


Theres info on net i have found but from server installers not musos. I'd like experience from muso users who move gear around if anyone can share.


Although the rack will sit stationary it may be moved or emptied for a house move in future. The rackstud system is so easy to remove or fit a sound module it's easy to do this but the alternative of moving the 18 unit as a whole in a car is if the plastic doesnt like sheer force and bumps? Ill have to rely on others to help me load it too, perhaps meaning a more turbulent move.


Your experience?

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5 minutes ago, Dockeys said:

Corny, yes but they look pretty cool and they seem less fiddly than the regular nuts. 


Yes they are.


There are two sizes to accomodate the different size punched out rack holes. Nothing is standard eh?


Im yet to measure mine.


Also the nuts are rather long plus the rack is pushed out a little further as they sit on the yellow tab.


I need to see if the long nuts are appropriate for my situation. My rack has a removable front cover.



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Looks like im leaning towards cage nuts because the bolt/screw hardly adds any distance to the front panel where as the innovative rackstuds stick out quite a way and although my rack has a cover that would likely accomodate this closed when the cover is off the rackstud nuts could be knocked as i pass by.


Obviously this is not the case with every rack. If i had a different rack id probably go the rackstuds.


Ironically and elatedly i found a local electricians warehouse (5 mins away) that online state they stock cage nut sets and in black. Doesnt show price because its one of those stupid account things. Not just a sign up to our website thing.


I have bought directly from them before but upon ringing to ask price (which was actually fair even as a non account customer)  i asked if they were in stock.


No they have to order them in (that is fine id do that) but he is sure they are not black so like always you cant ever simply walk in and buy stuff even when advertised as stocked. I thought i was on a winner here.


So I want to get my modules set up sooner than later so im thinking of online ordering some black cage nut sets.


The innovative rackstuds im thinking no because of nut length. So i will not be able to give you a run down on them


It looks like perhaps they are not yet well known amoung us musos but more a server technition thing to make installing faster?

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Pleasure. Ironically i decided on standard cage nuts for now.


I just was looking at the rack studs again last night. 


By what i found is that they are conservatively rated at 20kg per 4 studs although they have been tested many times that. But they are limiting their liability with a lower rating. This should be fine with sound modules but probably not vintage rack amps.


What i found out too is they may be only for static racks. As it seems they arent recommended for transport. Check that yourselves.


So do your due diligence on that if intended for gigging.


I decided on cage nuts that incase i move house with an 18 rack unit the movement might be detrimental to the rackstuds.


Alternatively had i installed them it would have been very easy to remove all units but Im aiming in moving all in one go in the rack if we do move.


Never the less i think they are a brilliant alternative just double check the above to your needs before purchasing 



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These are currently unavailable @amazon u.k. anyway,- purple or red.







thx for investigation and report !

Saves some cash.

Racks will be transported sooner or later,- at least for a move.

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Just now, Al Coda said:



thx for investigation and report !

Saves some cash.

Racks will be transported sooner or later,- at least for a move.

Thanks Al. Yep you are right. Hoping to stay put in this house but the way things are economically we may have to down size.


Availability in Aussie is very high at moment.

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35 minutes ago, ChoppedHam said:

Not for a CS-800, but for 1U modules in a stationary installation, sure.


LOL, my CS800 sits in a rack (the original style model). 




As I recall it weighs 63 pounds(?). I think the newer version CS800 Peavey got down into the 40-50 pound range. It's screwed in with metal screws.  I agree, it would work for everything else in my rack (EQ, mixer, rack shelf, but the CS800 that I own I wouldn't trust plastic.

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