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  1. The horn driver is much more efficient than the 15". You might try an 8-ohm L-pad between the x-over and the horn.
  2. What horn driver are you running in that Franken Leslie?
  3. I think TWRP would have to be in consideration.
  4. The Nord C2D will do this. The great (lower) manual can be split into 2 sections at the C3 key. Above the split uses the great manual drawbars. Below the split can be either the pedal drawbars or a monophonic bass synthesizer. The synth bass has an adjustable release time and an adjustable pluck level for a more pronounced attack. (C2D manual pp. 11, 16)
  5. Here's an early VHS transfer of the Bob Mintzer Big Band playing "Latin Dance". Sanborn takes an extended solo quite unlike the stuff he's famous for. Grolnick on piano, Will Lee bass guitar, Randy Brecker, Marvin Stamm, etc., etc. What a line-up!
  6. I am satisfied using Foobar2000 on PC to listen to audio files of various formats (wav, mp3, flac, ogg, monkey's audio, etc) and also to rip CDs to various formats. EAC is probably better for the rip, but I can't tell the difference. To convert wav to aac (used for video), I've been using ffmpeg. There may be an aac library for foobar2000.
  7. For those confused (like me), it's a Motorola 56k DSP emulation, not TI (Texas Instruments).
  8. That's looks to be a fast dinghy! After watching the movie Wind, I thought I'd buy myself an International 14. Fortunately, good sense prevailed.
  9. I agree with others - Rick didn't get it that non-musicians didn't know what "out of tune" meant.
  10. I had the VHS of this, loaned it out years ago to another organ player. It's still out.😶
  11. I'm interested. Can you provide a weight for the one you use?
  12. This is from the University of Miami Jazz Forum sometime in the late 1970s.
  13. I gig a C2D (35 lb) and carry it (roll it) in the factory case. The stand is a 21 lb K&M 18950. I'd like something lighter but the Nord aluminum C2D stand is $500 -- nope.
  14. They are a revolving cast of Nashville session musicians, or so my friend that follows the band told me. The spouse and I drove a couple of hours to meet her and her friend for a Mummies show in Punta Gorda, Florida. The Mummies do a good live show I suppose, but it was too loud for me. After the first number, I walked outside and waited for the show to end.
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