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  1. "Being popular on social media is like having a seat at the cool kids table in the cafeteria at a lunatic asylum." - source unknown
  2. It's really tough to do a "all other things being equal" comparison in commercial music because every possible aspect of music production, consumption, distribution and performance has long been corrupted by Hunter Thompsons "plastic money trench" effect. Payola, Ticketron, Live Nation, rap and hiphop criminal producers, even New Jersey mobsters telling Frankie Vallie that he works for them (late 50s), record labels and agents and management and PROs siphoning off money, ad nauseum. Streaming is just the enshittified modern version of whats been going on for about 100 years. I'm content to create my own CDs, mail them out to public radio DJs I know, and sell them at gigs and blues fests to break even. This is likely the highest standard I can attain given the RICO aspects of the music industry. I sure as hell will never distribute any of my music via streaming again.
  3. It might be useful for specific applications like recording very wide dynamic range events (such as whispered dialog followed by artillery in a war movie, or seismic earthquake monitoring). For music or audiobook recording it is probably overkill IMHO.
  4. Typical facebook twilight zone... Most people just create a new account. Pro tip: Number them so you can tell which account is oldest.
  5. I like it. It's maybe a bit too perfected, sonically. It reminds me of the theme of one my favorite Alan Parsons albums, On Air.
  6. I found this mic for $25 at a flea market. https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/blue-ball It is a dynamic mic with an internal phantom-powered amp. An interesting mic, though I haven't used it very often so far.
  7. One interesting thing I noticed the last time I drove in the Chicago Loop. Wherever Google said it was clear quickly (like in 30 seconds) became congested, while those shown as congested cleared out just as quickly. My theory is that the other drivers were using Google too, causing oscillations of congestion. At that time I just headed toward the area shown as more congested for smooth sailing. Since then we've come to our senses, and just ride a train into Chicago...
  8. When I set up our living room for 4.1 quad, this is the first thing I played. It's the original Alan Parsons 1973 discrete quad mix. An hour very well spent!
  9. I fear human stupidity far more than AI. I have no use for AI, but I think AI will be a human stupidity multiplier or more likely an exponentiator.
  10. The beginning is marketing word-salad... Looks like a useful unit though.
  11. I use a lot of quarter-tone bends in my playing, both guitar and keyboard leads. Autotune would not be a good fit, although it might be interesting to play with a bit.
  12. I use a droid tablet, but only for .rtf files of lyrics & sometimes chords. Occasionally I use it as a remote transport control for Reaper, if my cell phone isn't within reach. Being a droid machine the potential is quite limited.
  13. I don't insure software. I have been known to back it up to google drive though
  14. I remember watching American Bandstand from the 60s. Almost every band on there mimed to the record. The rare exceptions included Canned Heat and The Doors.
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