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  1. I just finished Children of the Neon Bamboo (5 stars, cannot recommend enough) and I want some more fiction that takes me to awesome, fictional music worlds. Concerts, scenes, musical diatribes. What would you recommend? Children of the Neon Bamboo: B. Glynn Kimmey: 9798988054115: Amazon.com: Movies & TV
  2. It's coming whether you like it or not. for better or worse. It may kill some magic and it also may create conveniences that make you think "wow! we actually had to do that back then."
  3. It sucks, but you have to pay the big bucks for tripods. In all areas, music and photography. Nothing can haunt a project like the cheapest stand you can buy.
  4. Earlier in life? Elton, hands down. Dude came out of the gate hot. However, I saw more growth from Joel, and could out play Elton now.
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