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  1. Remember DVORAK VS QWERTY ? or Beta VS VHS ? Whatever becomes the established system will dominate. It doesn't matter which one is better. As someone who wrote a bit of MIDI software, I don't want a whole bunch of new things to implement in my software. Dan
  2. We are all getting older. I turned 68 a few months ago. Some of us live to 100 and others only the 70's. I have a few of her albums. She was younger than I expected. RIP MELANIE Dan
  3. Like I said, if you didn't want to hear the weird spiritual stuff "you can jump directly to the clinical /scientific part at 17:45" What is a "natural frequency" ? I suppose the skins on my drums should be tuned to the shells or a harmonic of the resonant shell frequency? Or likewise a guitar to harmonics of the body of the guitar? I do know that Major chords are "happy" and minors "sad" Working with synthesizers I have experimented with many tunings. And that is the sum of my knowledge on the subject. Dan
  4. I didn't expect this to become a discussion of union VS non-union but I will let you know of my experience. I was a member of local 566 here in Windsor for around 10 years. I think it was like $50 a year back in the 70's. They got me my FIRST JOB...one night. I was inexperienced at the time and never got another call from the union. It took me until 1980 before I finally listened that I should practice with a metronome. Anyway, back to the main idea. 20 years later on, after retiring ,I was contemplating getting back in, but they couldn't find record of me in the union. Being retired though, I had more time to observe and noticed a pattern. Most of the high paying jobs, in the fancy restaurants, went to the staff who manned the phone at the union office. After all, the "president" of our local was a musician and he was "the staff" that manned the phone. So I noticed that he and his band would get the good jobs. Anyway, that was my observation. I also had another weird experience while playing in my band out of town. Windsor, Ontario has always been a town of around 200,000, but I got a big surprise when I played in Chatham, a town of maybe 30,000 back in the mid 70's. I was a union member, but not playing with a union band back then....and working on average 3 nights a week, making above average money for a musician. Anyway, we were approached in the bar by someone who said that they were with the Chatham local !!! He wanted our union dues ! This never happened in Windsor !! I wasn't the leader of this band and I don't know if the leader ever paid the "dues" Dan
  5. Dr. Laura Sanger PHD Clinical Psychologist Talks about how and when A440 became the standard for tuning and the advantages of A444 and A432-A435. You may not agree with the spiritual part of this interview so you can jump directly to the clinical /scientific part at 17:45. I'm sure that you will find this interesting. https://rumble.com/v469y00-the-intersection-of-humanity-and-the-nephilim.html Dan
  6. An interesting piece of history that I came apon. Will A.I. be next? https://www.musicradar.com/news/the-union-passed-a-motion-to-ban-the-use-of-synths-drum-machines-and-any-electronic-devices-the-day-the-loony-musicians-union-tried-to-kill-the-synthesizer-which-also-happened-to-be-bob-moogs-birthday Dan
  7. You have to do what I have done. If you want to run old hardware you must run old software and disconnect from the internet. I have an old Unitor 8 port MIDI interface that requires XP and so I'm running XP and Cubase SX V1 on it. I had to limit my cores to 4 in the BIOS for Cubase to run. I sold my firewire mixer a decade ago. I DON'T LIKE THE LATEST SONAR STUFF. It has TOO MANY OPTIONS, windows, buttons, menus.....etc. etc. ....and they want me to connect to the internet every so often...(to take my works?) I also needed a computer for my Akai sampler, so I could run MESA II. I'm running on an old Apple with OS 9.2 ...also not connected to the internet. The old Apple cost me only $65 on Ebay a few years ago. Dan
  8. Waaay waaaaay back I used to like recording tv themes music, such as "The Streets of San Francisco" , "Hawaii Five O" etc. We only had MONO sound on tv back then. I mostly used EQ to create a stereo image, but I also did a few novel things like using RESONANT FREQUENCIES and sympathetic vibration. I remember , one time, placing a microphone very close to my FLOOR TOM while the mono sound was playing on a speaker close, and recording the original VIA direct hookup to one side and the Microphone side to the other. It produced some interesting results. So lets take this to 2023. Now take a speaker, playing the original synth sound,rich in harmonics, and take a carefully tuned acoustic guitar NEARBY and CLOSE MIC it, perhaps even have the microphone inside and record it while simultaneously recording the dry signal to the other channel, you might get some surprises! I forgot to mention the final step. Now take your favorite WAV SOFTWARE, mine is Cool Edit and INVERT the source wav. then add it to the RESONANT side. The source will be subtracted leaving PURE resonance for the resonant wave. Copy this to one side and turn the volume up if necessary, and copy the dry signal to the other side... PSEUDO STEREO Dan
  9. I have a few orchestral type things that would benefit from new recording and editing. My equipment is much better that what I used over 20 years ago. Dan
  10. A thing I recently discovered. NOT ALL USB C CABLES ARE CREATED EQUAL. I forgot about this when I tried to transfer files from my phone onto my computer, the other day. Some cables supply POWER ONLY and have no connections/wires for data transfer. Dan
  11. I fixed my old Hammond yesterday. Let's see what I can get running it through the same setup using a tap off of the Lesley speaker? Dan
  12. If anyone is curious about the module I'm using to bend the sound, it is a Synthrotek FOLD. I bought the PCB on Ebay and had to buy the parts separately and assemble it myself. However, if anyone is interested, it is CHEAPER to buy the kit ! The FOLD is sort of a ring modulator. Dan
  13. So my next question here..... HAS ANYONE HERE BOUGHT A SYNCLAVIER REGEN? I would like to hear about your experience. Dan
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