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Throne for live Hammond

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Yes, another idiosyncratic Hammond player question for the group! Does anyone have a throne or stool they like that gets to a good height for playing Hammond?


I’ve sat on a drum throne when gigging on keys for years, and I have my boards set at a height that works for it. But my A100 at home sits a little higher up than is comfy for the throne, and I’d love to be practicing how I perform a little more. My A100 bench is great but it makes it a little tougher to turn sideways and play piano in rehearsal (also it’s the perfect height for a little computer shelf next to the organ).


I know I’ve seen band keys players like Gabe Dixon, Kofi Burbridge, and Lee Pardini with comfy stools for this — even if sometimes they stand to play Hammond anyway. Anyone on the forum have reliable favorites?

Samuel B. Lupowitz

Musician. Songwriter. Food Enthusiast. Bad Pun Aficionado.

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If I'm not kicking pedals, I just use a drum throne. Get one that goes high enough. If I am playing pedals, I use an On-Stage Z stand, which in it's lowest setting is just the right height as an organ bench. I put an old A100 bench top on top of it and it works like a charm and is easily transportable.

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