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Thought I never would schlepp two boards again.


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With a new respect for single manual organs I dove into the multi-keys realm again. Last time I played multi-keys was DP and synth covering string, brass, etc. etc. etc. Then I swore off multi-keys for jazz inspired gigs for last 11 years. In my teens I played organ but never B3 level. Now at age 64 with the advent of clone organs I thought it would be cool to have a dual manual organ clone for my home. As I considered this and spending my limited funds I realized I probably would never play an exclusive organ gig and I didn't see myself dragging my DP, as well a dual manual organ to gig. That's when I began to see the appeal to a single manual organ that could be midi to a DP for the lower manual. The tipping point was this video of Mojo 61 Rhodes piano.



That sound has eluded me since I owned a Rhodes with Satellite Speakers. Not counting VST's, I found some comfort in owning a Yamaha Reface CP, although IMHO is not as good as Mojo 61 Tines. My current focus for gigs I find and lead is with a keys/drum duo in which I play left hand acoustic bass. I also have been feeling like a traditional jazz organ sound would be a good addition to playing just a split piano/bass sound. I guess a second Reface, the YC in addition to the CP could of worked but two mini keys all played from ES110.


Thus, my grand schlepp scheme has been materialized. Mojo 61 and Kawai ES110.


Today, as I work through placement of boards and midi I've found one snag, but is manageable. I got the Alt Midi channel on 2 on Mojo and ES110. The snag happened when i switched organ to Tines. I didn't know that Tines only plays on midi channel 1. Luckily ES110 can easily change midi channel by holding Function button and hitting C2. The Kawai doesn't have a screen to read and the buttons are well placed on the very left so getting the Mojo 61 as low a possible to Kawai is pretty, pretty close. So far so good.


Maybe someone has ideas I haven't thought about for more enhancement.

AvantGrand N2 | ES520 | Gallien-Krueger MK & MP | https://soundcloud.com/pete36251

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My new portable rig:

Casio CT-S1 10 lbs

Fender Rumble 40 amp, with speaker upgrade, 18 lbs.


I leave my Mojo 61 and ES110 at home except for very special occasions.

Harry Likas was the Technical Editor of Mark Levine's "The Jazz Theory Book" and also helped develop "The Jazz Piano Book." Harry spends his time teaching jazz piano online and playing solo piano gigs.

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I've never played KB that plays like a REAL Rhodes and sounds like it too. Ever. My ES8 does a fine job for emulating the Rhodes sound, but the number of velocity samples would have to be less than a real Rhodes. I still own my Rhodes Mark 1 Suitcase piano, and there is a difference. However, when playing in a band, the only one that knows the difference is me. I used my ES8's sequencer to sound like a band for live performance, and I am still satisfied with the sound and the features.


I;ve been retired from playing live music for 10 years, most of my audience is in the cemetery. But I can still fire up the Rhodes and enjoy the sound. I've done so recently, and I have no chops. Time to practice.



Mike T.

Yamaha Motif ES8, Alesis Ion, Prophet 5 Rev 3.2, 1979 Rhodes Mark 1 Suitcase 73 Piano, Arp Odyssey Md III, Roland R-70 Drum Machine, Digitech Vocalist Live Pro. Roland Boss Chorus Ensemble CE-1.


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