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So what the hay-all do y'all look like? PICS!

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Alright here we go. Probably the crappiest photoshop I've done in awhile. I'm in it with my girlfriend and part of my collection. :wave:



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A couple of family pics taken 3 months ago on our tour of Asia. These were taken in Boracay, Philippines.







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Lots o' forum member pix in this thread:


Post your picture here (or see mine)


And here:


Found 1980\'s Gig Photos - Anyone else?


Here's a forum dinner in LA:




And one in NY:



(janedoe is my wife, AKA Ongelique in the LA picture.)





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Originally posted by zzzzzzzzz:

Part of your collection? You must have some of that Texas tea. Is Jesus Bush your Daddy?

zzzzzzzzz, I hope I didn't misspell your name, and you've just got to get rid of that avitar. It's highly offensive, and besides, I really like it.



Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

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rehearsal pics:







fun in our spare time:


hanging out with nick one night



that's my forhead, pillow fights in the tour bus rock



practicing with sensei



yale hockey



me mugshot

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Ya wanna see the weasel, eh?



This is me, about a year and a half ago. Just being a weasel.



Here's me and the junior weasel a couple of years ago at an LA Kings practice.



Here's me playing a pointy-headed guitar. No comments on my own pointy head, please.


- Jeff

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Say Stephen that's cool, how'd you and Jeff hook up for that gig?


Tall bass player makes since what with the long neck.


Cutest bass player I know: Paz Lenchantin from her days in A Perfect Circle :love:

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My current bass player is shorter than me... I'm average height at 5' 11". That guy who jammed with Steve and I was your typical-looking bass guy, though, probably about 6' 3".


In any case, that guy (can't remember his name, whoops) was really damn good. That pic was from the Universal Bar & Grill. Small stage, but cool venue and nice people.


- Jeff

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