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Finally found a place to live!!!

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After getting laid off (due to Covid) back in May, I quickly realized I would have to move out of my rental house because 1) No cell service where I live (can't do job hunt without cell service) 2) too expensive for the unemployment I am receiving.


I promised my landlord I would vacate by the end of August. There were economic reasons for that. I initially had a place lined up, but that fell through. Landlord has new tenants ready to move in when I vacate. All of a sudden I had to scramble to find a place in three weeks!


Mind you, it's bad enough not knowing where you going to work on top of not knowing where you're going to LIVE.


Right when I got laid off I finished my last credit card and have zero debt. I have enough savings to keep me afloat but no bank will give me a mortgage unless I have a steady income. I have too much stuff for an apartment so I had to find a house to rent. Unfortunately rental houses are scarce where I live. Running close to the end, my last resort was renting a room at my cousin's large house and putting everything in storage.


Tuesday I looked at a rental house and it was ideal; two day later (today) I learn I am the lucky new tenant. That's a HUGE load off my mind. I wanted the place because it is strategically located to potential job opportunities.


Besides the anxiety over finding a place to live, there's my piano. It's the only thing I own that I am sentimental about. It's the piano I learned to play on and my mother wanted me to have it. It sounds and plays really good and is a desirable piano (1970s Kawai). If I didn't find a place, I would have to sell that piano. That would had been tough.


Not only do I have a place for the piano, my studio, my belongings, I also have a place I can set my workbench area. When I get settled in, I can start accepting synth repairs. For those of you who have sought my services, that day is not far off!


You have NO idea how relieved I am.

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I"m very happy for you, man. Nothing is as stressful as uncertainty. Best wishes.

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Congrats on finding a place, it sounded stressful just reading about it. Is there some reason you didn't consider a storage unit for your belongings so you could broaden your moving options? It's very inexpensive and many of them are climate controlled. Just food for thought if you ever find yourself in another pickle with a rapidly approaching deadline, no need to sell your prized possessions.

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Congrats. It does take a load of stress off. I'm on a 5 years plan to move. Yes, that is a long time, but my house is 11 years old. I want to be out before it hits 20 and lots of things go wrong. At my age (60) I'm ready for maintenance free life. I want a senior living apartment with nice grounds and local shopping. A place that I can pick up the phone and say "my dishwasher is out" and not have to worry about service. Oh, the things that become important when you get old. :)

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