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One of my music studio secrets is "glue-backed velcro". These are velcro strips on which each side (the hooks and the loops) has a sticky glue backing, so you can glue the "hooks" to your desktop, and glue the "loops" to the underside of your computer keyboard: the computer keyboard can then be moved around, and also velcro-ed into a fixed position.


I used these glue-backed velcro strips to mount a leslie effect pedal to the top surface of my organ clone. Then I could remove the leslie pedal for packing and moving, and fix it into place on top of the organ clone when performing. To give you some idea of how strong this was, when removing the leslie pedal after a gig, I pulled the entire wooden veneer surface off the organ clone: the velcro bond and the velcro-strip glue bond were both stronger than the glue holding the veneer to the top of the clone (perhaps I needed less velcro for this application).


Have fun.


J.S. Bach Well Tempered Klavier

The collected works of Scott Joplin

Ray Charles Genius plus Soul

Charlie Parker Omnibook

Stevie Wonder Songs in the Key of Life

Weather Report Mr. Gone


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I've used stuff from local big-box stores and also from Amazon (mainly cable tied). Worked fine. Gaffer's tape is another option for some uses as it won't leave a residue.


I was having issues with my keyboard(s) sliding on my old stand, which had metal arms with no padding. Our drummer had these glue-backed cork strips, which I put on the arms. Those things worked incredibly well and required nothing to be glued to my keyboards.

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Another warning on the sticky-backed hook & loop strips or pads: I once used them to hold an SSD inside my SKB case. The hooks & loops were stuck better than the adhesive that held the strips to the plastic SSD enclosure and the SKB's inside (and I had cleaned them first with IPA). I ripped the entire smorgasbord off when I tried to remove the SSD. It's pretty amazing how strong the bond can be.


[EDIT! After re-reading this thread & searching my decrepit memory banks I realized that what I was referring to above is not the regular hook & loop stuff but what Bobby pointed to in a post above the "Scotch Extreme Fasteners." That's what I used. Not really recommended if you need to move stuff around. Use that to stick something somewhere and it STAYS STUCK.]

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Yes but "extreme" is the operative word here. As I said, in my case the "hooked" mating surfaces held together with greater force than the sticky back that attached them to the surfaces the entire assembly came out when I tried to remove the object I had "velcroed." I wouldn't recommend this for attaching objects that might need to be moved or repositioned often.
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I have found that, when using industrial strength Velcro, to only use about 1/4 the Velcro coverage on my keyboard side, and leave an edge gap on the attached items bottom side, so as to get a slight finger grip under there when separating the items.


When possible I do a tic-tac-toe pattern, making it easier to separate the items.

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