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Watch a Prodigy Create -- From Four Notes in a Hat


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I don't think her genius is lost on any of us. She is a force of nature.


But (echoing Rudy) she did still fudge this. Of course, the result was impressive, and so is she.


But it's just objectively true that she fudged.

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Caught this the other night on 60 minutes.

Makes you wonder about this energy that makes up who we are even more so than just the bodily parts. What did she pick up from listening, watching, learning... and what was already there? Even in her speech, there's the suggestion that there's a lot going on in the grey matter for a 12 year old. She has a great sense of pitch obviously, but also a clear understanding of harmony and the classical style. Need to check in at 22 and see how her musical journey has evolved.

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