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After a recent trip to a local pawn shop I drug home an interesting axe.

A Fernandes vertigo custom xr.

What is that you say? A maple neck thru ,maple bodied , ebony fretboard with a single seymour duncan full shred pickup.

Come to find out it was a signature guitar made in 02 to 04 for then Rob Zombie guitarist Mike riggs. There is no fancy decoration with his name anywhere but it has chrome x inlays and "scumbag" at the 12th fret. Not totally nuts over the scumbag but it is very nicely built and sounds crisp and sustaining.

Seeing it is around twelve years old I plan on getting some fretwork done to maximize playbility.

Who ever owned it had it strung up pretty heavy as the strings didn't sit in the nut , my guess 12s.

The body is a cross between an explorer and a jaguar but comfy to hold with rear contouring like a strat.

The real freaky thing is it has only a kill switch ..no volume.

That is correct, on or off.

I most likely add a volume. It really is quite the beast with tons of resonance.

With the neck thru it has no heel and plays to the last fret easily.

I have no pics unfortunately.


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I will try to get some pics up this weekend on the wifes laptop.

That link DBM put up is a vertigo but not the actual model.

Lucky for me there is lots of room in the routed cavity for a volume and three way switch if I choose to mod it. The only thing that is presently in it is the wires to the output jack.

As most "metal" geetars it is flat black.


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