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Korla Pandit!!

Dave Weiser

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Although I have never heard of him, you can't help but be fascinated by the documentary summary. Very intriguing!



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I recall this guy from when I was a kid, maybe 4 or 5. I was just beginning to play piano around then so the memories are fairly vivid. Back in those days there weren't a lot of fillers produced for television so there would be these black & white music videos such as Korla Pandit. I think that's where I first saw Nat King Cole. Thanks for posting, Dave!!


Anyone else see a Prince thing going on?




Here for the gear.

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Some of these clips are essentially trailers for a full documentary done by John and Christiansen . It can be purchased here: http://www.korlathemovie.com.


I saw a screening of it a year or two ago in Hollywood, but judging from the website there hasn't been much activity on the movie since then. I haven't noticed it on Netflix if it was ever there.


If you can track it down, it's a really interesting extended story. The guy was a monster on the Hammond, and they go into details how he-but mostly his wife- came up with the character. The sad part of the story is that apparently his children didn't know the true story until an article came out in the LA Weekly....

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In the Johnny Depp movie, Ed Wood,there's a brief scene of an actor portraying Korla Pandit.

Correction. It actually was Korla Pandit in Ed Wood...


Ha didn't think I could love Ed Wood any more than I already did. I think this is enough to merit yet another viewing. :)


Will be making a point to catch the Korla Pandit documentary.

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