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King of The Blues Piano


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Jesus... Mr Garner is Mr Melody and a great blues man too.

His transition in this non blues standard... turned into a Blues, is very educational for me.

Thank you for this.

I adore this man

Without blinking... he is in top five all time greatest pianists within this style

Bill Evans is as great melodically but not Blues wise

Ahmad is impecable melodically I am less familar with his Blues side

A renewed discovery, is Barry Harris, a great blues man, and be bop man too.


My comments presuppose a recognition that "this music" occurred and evolved over time.

Blues for me is at the root of "this music"

If a player like Brad Meldau skips over Blues, he loses me, in terms of "this music" ( jazz? rhythm and Bliues? Blues? )


So hen I say recognizes, I mean recoginizes the multiple layers within "this music"

It is not just melodic ( Euro music did an incredible "job" of masterful melody )

It is not just gospel or just blues

For me, "this music" is a wonderful merging of styles, with Blues never overlooked.


Mr Garner's transition from a Standard TO a Blues, is an amazing demonstration and benchmark for anyone who in my opinion wants to be a jazz musician


Thanks again... just a fantastic display of genius

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