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Mini vent for my VK-7


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1) You will need to have this mod done. Bruce at Ashby did mine. There are a few others that COULD do it but Bruce is authorized and it doesn't ding your warranty if Bruce does it..




2) You will need an 11-pin cable fabribated to feed audio and switching to the Vent. The cable is sort of a pain to make. Bruce did mine but he was only doing them for guys who bought the Mini from him. What I don't know is what I told you in my PM the other day. On the Hammond the cable needs incoming voltage from a power supply to tell the XK that the Leslie plugged into the socket. It is an old Hammond protocol going back to ancient times.


The VK may not need this voltage. Perhaps this cable would work. BUT I DON"T KNOW IF IT WILL. You will need to do some follow up research.




I think George Benton from Houston has wired a Roland up to a Vent before like this. George was making cables without power supplies so my gut hunch is the Roland does not need incoming power..... BUT I DON"T KNOW THIS.



Otherwise here is plans for the Hammond XK3/3c to Vent Cable. This cable could damage the organ if done wrong.



It is a really slick way to have it setup. It gives you the same interface as running the real thing. You can use your normal half moons, deck controls or expression pedal kick switch. I think it is a great way to do it. I leave my Mini in the back of my rack and I run a 16' cable from the XK3c to the rack. I haven't seen the Mini in months. I just plug it in and it works.

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I bought a Vent II from Bruce at Ashby and when I asked him about a controller cable to use with the 8 pin Leslie out on the SK2 he no longer had interest in making organ to Vent controller cables of that type for any make or model of organ. Not a cost effective use of his time. Now,Bruce is terrific to deal wth. I understood but was bummed. Ended up getting one from Thomann. Couldn't find any in the U.S. Cost me around $110.00 but works perfectly. That kind of money for what looks like a $25.00 dollar cable might seem nuts but I'm happy with it. Pretty sure that type of thing for a VK7 would have to be custom made and would be priced accordingly. For a VK/ MiniVent combo I'd probably just have the remote mod done on the Mini and get a halfmoon or footswitch from Ashby Solutions.
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Sounds to me that the use of the on-board controls could be a fairly expensive venture and you may have to farm out the work to Thomann. Might want to think about using the mini-vent switching via the control buttons on the unit (footswitching). Might be the simplist way to go at this point.

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One other option you have ( I used this with my NS2 ) is the midi solutions relay. The Ashby mod allows the mini vent to be controlled by a single midi solutions relay which can be programmed to respond to the midi CC or NRPN which is sent when you use the on board fast/slow switch ( assuming it sends one ). Worked fine with the NS2.
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