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covering all the bases.


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Whammy equipped guitars are too much trouble to tune (for me). All of my guitars stay relatively in tune so tuning them for each session is only a few minuter ordeal, and they all stay in tune for the day usually with that initial tuning.
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Les Paul, More Paul... :whistle:


Still room for a hex pickup between the bridge and that P-90, and you've gotta have piezos wired into the bridge saddles, while we're at it.
and a Barcus Berry pickup in the neck pocket under the fingerboard a la Zappa.




So are all of mine except one, but maybe it's not for us! maybe someone else would need one and it's NOT on there! yes add wammy bar and we can block it lol!!


Yeah! :thu:

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Looking at this guitar Crimson made for Robert Fripp, I realized there was something else was missing: a Sustainer.




...which then got me thinking about active pickups, optical pickups, and whatever it is Moog uses on their guitars...



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