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OT: Whitney Houston dead


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Obvious? There was something in the tabloids just yesterday that she was out somewhere drunk. It looks like the evening was well documented. It didn't seem like she was at the level of having the events of the evening kill her though . There were plenty of people all around her. Apparently she even performed at this event. Whew. What a way to go.


It's been a tough year or so for female singers. Amy Winehouse, Etta James and now this.


This is as much a shocker as Michael Jackson, maybe even more so.


An old friend of mine has been trying to tell me about how many drugs there really are all around the area where I live, which not long ago was an average town. According to him there are tons of meth labs all around us.


I was in the hospital two weeks ago and right next to my room someone was screaming their head off. The nurses told me it was a methamphetamine OD.


This is really getting out of hand.

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Talk about a true God given talent squandered , so sad..


Whether you loved her voice, hated it and what she stood for, or were totally indifferent. There could be no argument- the girl could sing. I played behind her on a few occasions at industry functions. Her voice was perfectly in tune and like a laser. What a waste... :(

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This one hit me harder than most.

Me too. For me, it was always hard to see someone so talented throw it all away. She always reminded me of our generation's Judy Garland: immensely talented, extremely troubled. Both died around the same age, Garland was 47.

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WARNING: What follows is a highly inappropriate, insensitive, too-soon, awful, sick, twisted joke, for which I will probably go to hell. If you don't wish to read such filth, skip to the next post.



True story: I happen to be in the city of Houston, TX today. Earlier in the evening a friend texted me, "How's Houston?"


My reply: "Surprisingly dead tonight."




C'mon, what are the odds of the universe handing you a setup like that?

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So very sad! Whitney was one of those rare talents that only comes along every so often!


Beautiful in voice, beautiful in spirit.


RIP Whitney!



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Tragic. But you know something has gone wrong with your career when your official website can't get right the title of one of your biggest hits.


It's one of the biggest weekends in music - that's right The Grammys! We just love this adorable pic of Whitney when she won "Best Pop Vocal Performance" at the 28th Awards for her hit "Saving All My Loving."

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Brilliant career and life turned into a train wreck by that piece of shit Bobby Brown. In my opinion, one of the greatest voices *ever* (Houston, not Brown).


Rest in Peace.

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Upon hearing the news, I was most surprised by learning that she was only 48. If I were going off the top of my head, I would have bet money that she was easily over 50, older than both Madonna and Michael Jackson. Turns out I couldn't have been further off the mark.
That jumped out at me as well. "What? She's only ten years older than me?"


But, I'm curious to hear how she died. The early reports are just weird.


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I heard about it last night, absolutely terrible news. Such a waste of unbelievable talent, gone.


As a veteran, I was blown away by her rendition of our national anthem at Super Bowl XXV as our military was moving into harms way in the Middle East. To me, she symbolized the "Voice of America" after her delivery of the Star Spangled Banner moved everyone in the stadium to tears, included football players.


I posted the Youtube link back on the NFL 2012 thread. Here it is again:




Maybe it is not everyone's favorite song sung by Whitney, but it is mine.


Rest in peace. :(



Mike T.

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