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Hammond M3 & 147, good deal?


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UMmm . . . I'ts $750 for the leslie and $400 for the organ. The $100 was only the teaser to get you to the ad, to find out that the leslie connector kit is $100.


$1,150 for an M3/147? That sounds WAY high to me.


You can buy $750 Leslies all day long and twice on sunday. For $400, you can buy a full size console (Model A, BV, D or other early model Hammond).


Then again, I really can't speak for the market in Montreal, so maybe it's a different animal.



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An ogre with dyslexia?


$100 would be reasonable for an M3, though you can find them for less. $750 seems reasonable for a working 147.


In any case, if you find a Leslie for $100, don't ask us, go pick it up. If it's real, it won't last long enough for you to get an answer here!



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It's the French word for organ, of course. But you find a lot of ogres around here instead.

$400 for an M3 also seems very unreasonable - I'm sure you can haggle it down to around $200.

A lot of people in MTL seem to be selling their old organs, not buying them. They'll just be happy to get it out of the house. If you're looking for a Leslie, seems like the $750 pricing is decent.

~ Sean

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