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  1. https://youtu.be/ss7JaHFeB6s?si=vQXV5WEyonySKoma
  2. Note the knee-pedal-wah just under the right side of the lower case. Only farfisa and only on this model I think.
  3. Thanks for this Time Machine! Suddenly I find myself thrust back into the 80s DX and SID in one discussion?? and OMG Plogue! Nicely done. side story. I too was dirt poor, but crazy ambitious it must have been 1981 or thereabouts that I walked into a studio at 19th and M st. NW in downtown dc that was built out of unobtainium. The whole place was one giant synclavier and it was utterly stunning. But also utterly unobtainable. around the same time came the fairlight (also unobtainable). Then came the DX. and for the adventurous the SID. glory days for the not rich!! I still have both.
  4. Uh oh ….where’s Moe? there’s something to be said about not being first kid on the block. I fell into DX world late in the game and scored all manner of DX for real cheap. Still love that 200 and don’t get me started on grey matter E!
  5. HDMI out? im so tired of the teeny, tiny (fragile) displays.
  6. I too have multiple adapters that include a few irigs but the keyword here is pocket. (makes me think of Mae West but if I say anything I’ll get banned) the biggest that I’ll try is that multi-adapter but the kluge makes me pause. the good compromise seems to be Bluetooth midi instead of Bluetooth audio. that and by going with the yammy BT101 (I think that’s the correct name) hanging off the cp I also now send midi to much more than just the iPhone (the rack can hear Bluetooth midi) so far so good. the free app that brings it in is BLE-midi. thanks folks!
  7. The question is which dual adapter for iPhone14 lightning port will really work? control comes from a reface cp via usbmidi which hits the lightning input of a Belkin “power port adapter” it’s a dual because this adapter also has a 3.5mm audio out which nicely routes VB3m audio from the phone into the cp audio in. problem is that this adapter is not passing usbmidi data through it’s lightning input. that input contrary to at least one review seems to only be looking for power and is not a fully functional lightning port. I’m avoiding Bluetooth midi because of the latency. is there an adapter that can provide a3.5mm audio out AND usbmidi data into the iPhone. it would be kind of an elegant setup-if I could find one that actually works! thanks folks!
  8. This board right here is the best. And I probably got this DX7 from somebody here a decade ago. Yes holy grail synth action that changed with the (lighter)dx7ii…small sacrifice…
  9. No way! I was upset at $15.00 shipping watch out for the tricksters.
  10. 2 bucks? How can I possibly resist. And it looks as minimalist as can be. Like!
  11. I recently chopped a “lightweight” ultimate support DELTEX stand down from 48” to about 32” for this sorta same purpose. They’re now discontinued(bad design IMHO) and somewhat available on the used market for cheap.
  12. Another vote for the Tascam LM8-ST. 1RU dirt simple, does the job.
  13. “I started out as a poor black child” i couldn’t afford any of it. we had an upright piano in the basement for what seemed like forever before I got a Thomas organ that was an upgrade from a sears and roebuck reed/chord organ. From that I moved on to a red farfisa organ. Some old guys heard what I was trying to do and took me to a nghtclub,sat me behind what to me was a giant church organ and said “turn it on”. I will never forget that day. It was my first b3 and I was 12. A few years later I scored an m3 that I absolutely adored and gigged with for many years. I also never in life could afford fender Rhodes electric Piano but recently was GIVEN a MK II 88 that I am now restoring. Eventually it will be my next love story but right now it’s beat to hell so the verdict is still out. Meanwhile making good use of a yammi reface cp. and iOS is a wonder. For so much less I now have hundreds of virtual synths that I could never afford in the real world.
  14. It’s nice to hear the Deltex mentioned here because I recently cannibalized a broken one, cutting it down to around 32 inches in height to accommodate an “ultralight” micro keyboard rig. Turns out that the Deltex isn’t that much lighter but the super-cheap model airplane PLASTIC main bracket/clamp down at the bottom is prone to breakage(Duh.) I had an Apex given to me many years ago and for my purposes it has always been bulletproof.
  15. Could this be a Reface CK predecessor? (The new yammi CK appears to basically be a cp/yc combo in 61 and 88 key configs.😎
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