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Using the Neo-Instruments Ventilator with the Hammond XK1


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Have any of you used the Ventilator with the XK1? I like many of the presets but most are programmed with the on board leslie simulator on. Is there any quick way to bypass the leslie simulator or do you have to reprogram the voices to turn off the simulator for all the voices you want to use? It looks like you would have to set up each voice with the adjust button to save the draw bars, percussion,etc then set up for each sound and then save it in the appropriate bank and button.
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Hey guys...

Sorry, I know this is a "march-2011" topic.


But, I have a question regarding the Ventilator.

Just to make sure, the Ventilator does not have a reverb effect built-in. So... How do you work with that?

Ok, I can use the room's natural reberb when I'm playing through a good amp, but... what should I do when I want to record something directly from the Vent's output?

Is there any way I can get good reverb from that arrangement without using the recording software effects?


Most of the clones have good reverb algorithms inside of them, but they work well with their own onboard leslie sim (reverb post-leslie, right?).


When using the Ventilator, how do you handle reverb?


I know... I could use the Xks/C2/E3/Numa/etc reverb, but then I would be using the reverb pre leslie... it´s cool but... you get me right?


Any advice on that issue?

Does anyone have recordings of a organ using the Ventilator (recorded directly) and good reverb?




Take care!

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If you are using the XK1 , it has its onboard reverb. Sure, its actually before the Vent, but it still sounds good if you keep the verb level moderate. It doesnt seem to get too swirly. Otherwise you have to get an outboard unit or add verb to it in the mix via a plugin.


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I would leave reverb out during recording, so it can be dialed in to perfection during mixdown.


I avoid tweaking effects while listening to one track; I adjust them listening to the whole mix -- after all, that's all that counts in the end. I'll solo to check if I think I'm hearning an issue or for learning what the effect of various parameters do. But the proof is in the pudding, so no point seasoning the eggs, or something like that. There should be a soup reference here too but I'm drawing a blank. :laugh:


Playing through headphones, for practice or the fun of it, is another matter. Try the built-in reverb through the Vent: it won't add much ambiance to the mix, but if it feels good, do it. Your alternative would be an outboard reverb or monitoring through your computer -- bah, I wouldn't bother.

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Eventide Space........... Space :thu:
Does that have stereo input? It says "stereo mode" but it's not clear whether it's mono or stereo input.


Stereo in/out, line & inst. in/out, midi I/O, USB, software librarian..........and it is super great sounding. I also use their Time Factor dual delay.


I drop them on the aux buss of my mixer so am able to apply them anywhere.....synths, etc.

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