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  1. Those of you who cover Journey, could you tell me what settings are being used for ‘Faithfully’ and ‘Don’t Stop Believing’? It it a CP80 with effects? TIA.
  2. Would a passive DI box make any improvement in piano sound quality before going into the Tonematch?
  3. Piano man 51, I noticed that the left output is the mono output on the Yamaha. So you are saying that regardless of how it is labeled I still may get a better sound with the right?
  4. For a while now my band has been using multiple Bose Towers. My setup includes a Yamaha digital piano and a Hammond XK5. I had been running both in mono. The Hammond sounds fine but the piano never sounds as good as I would like. I have been wondering if the mono configuration is the problem. I never explored trying to run at least the digital piano in stereo. I was wondering if any of you are using the towers and if you have come up with any creative configurations to improve sound, or at least use a stereo configuration?
  5. Just got the MVII for the XK5 board. Connected with 1/4" cables the MVII behaves normally when using B,and Bb presets. If the factory sounds are used the internal sim is not bipassed it seems. When I had my SK there was a hammond cable from 8 pin connector to 1/4 and the bipassed the internal sim completely for all drawbar settings and presets. I see hammond has an 11 pin cable to two 1/4s, However the MIni Vent only has one 1/4". input. Would this cable work or is there another way? Thanks in advance.
  6. What in your opinion is more realistic , and why?
  7. I was considering buying this to use on stage. Do any of you have any experience with it being miked to the FOH? If done that way, is it necessary to utilize a keyboard amp to sim the lower rotor? If needed, I have a RCF tt08 monitor that I have been using. I feed an output from a Korg Grand Stage and Hammond XK5 into a mixer which then feeds into the monitor. And the mixer goes to FOH. Any way to utilize this setup with Motion sound and the monitor without leaving the relatively light monitor and lugging my Motion sound SN 500? Thanks
  8. Once a guitar band always a guitar band. I had a similar experience.
  9. Ok thanks. Do you feel the vent is an improvement over the internal Leslie?
  10. I just realized that the Sk1 and 2 used an 8 pin, but the 11pin is used by the XK. Hopefully the1/4' will work
  11. Thanks. I spoke to HAMMOND support I"m not sure the guy I spoke to about thi was that knowledgeable about this. He just kept asking why did I need this because the internal sim was so good on the XK5
  12. With the mini vent will it work with an 11 pin leslie connection from the organ clone to the 1/4" input or a 1/4" to 1/4" from the clone? If it works with both, does the 11 pin cable cause an automatic bypass to the internal leslie sym while the 1/4" to 1/4" does not?
  13. Without opening the unit what changes does setting A or B do?
  14. No more mini vent specifically for organ. Is the generic mini ok for organ? Is it programmable? Can you set perimeters like over drive?
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